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Rick Steves' France: Belgium & the Netherlands 2000 - by Rick Steves, Steve Smith 
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Eyewitness Travel Guide: Amsterdam  by Robin Pascoe, Christopher Catling, Deni Bown 
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Try these travel guides, each an intricate trove of 3-D aerial views, landmark floor plans, color photos, essential eating shopping & entertainment info
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Amsterdam Arts Adventure 2000
Amsterdam Capital of Inspiration
Grachtenfestival (16 through August 20, 2000)
Holland Festival - City centre of Amsterdam
International Summer Festival
Amsterdam's Coffee Shops - by Rick Steves - While Amsterdam has long been famous for its nicotine-stained "brown cafés," these days "coffee shop" refers to a place where the Dutch gather to buy and smoke marijuana. While hard drugs are strictly illegal and there seems to be no interest in making them legal, marijuana is sold openly in coffee shops throughout the Netherlands. Read more...
Amsterdam's Marijuana Museum
Amsterdam Museums
Museumboot - Guided boat tour around major museums.
Practical Information
Great Dutch Cities
AMSTERDAM - In 1966, a group of carhating anarchists persuaded the city to provide bicycles as a public resource: people could pick up a white bike, or witfiets, from the sidewalk so long as they also left it on the sidewalk after use. Only the first half of the idea caught on: before long, there were no white bicycles to be seen. Now Amsterdam is testing a more hardheaded version of the witfiets system. The new white bikes, with a distinctive low-slung design and no removable parts, will be stored in self-locking racks at 15 locations around the city center. To release a bike, users must insert a smart card "key" and select their destination depot on a computerized map. Rides will be free on lightly used routes & cost $1 on more popular ones; dawdlers' cards will be debited 5 cents/minute if they are more than half an hour late checking in at their destination.
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