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Rail transport is one of the most energy efficient means of mechanised land transport known. The rails provide very smooth and hard surfaces on which the wheels of the train may roll with a minimum of friction. This is more comfortable and saves energy.

Trains also have a small frontal area in relation to the load they are carrying, which cuts down on air resistance and thus energy usage. In all, under the right circumstances, a train needs 50-70% less energy to transport a given tonnage of freight (or given number of passengers), than by road. Furthermore, together with the sleepers the rails distribute the weight of the train evenly, allowing significantly greater loads per axle/wheel than in road transport.

Rail transport is also one of the safest modes of transport, and also makes a highly efficient use of space: a double tracked rail line can carry more passengers or freight in a given amount of time, than a four-laned road. 
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Traveling by rail in India can be tough: trains are often crowded and slow, turning long journeys into real  nightmares. But services are rapidly improving. The Konkan railway, an $800 million line, connects the India's business capital Bombay, on the west coast, with Mangalore, 760 km to the south.The new link, which includes 92 tunnels and nearly 2,000 bridges, reduces previous travel time by about 5 hours. A new express service which runs on the Konkan line for part of its route will cut 14 hours off the trip between the southern city, of Cochin and Agra, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.