Puff paste (use Fine or Old Fashioned or Grandma's puff paste)
Jam of your choice


  • Roll puff paste one-eighth of an inch thick and cut it into squares.
  • Turn the points together into the middle and press slightly to make them stay.
  • Bake until thoroughly done; then place a spoonful of jam in the centre of each square.
  • Cover the jam with meringue and brown the meringue in a quick oven.
Tip: By brushing the top of the paste with beaten egg, diluted with one teaspoon of water, a glazed appearance may be obtained.

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Did You Know?
To make good puff paste you must have all the ingredients cold. Puff paste should be made in a cool place as it is necessary to keep the paste cold during the whole time of preparation. Avoid making the paste on a warm, damp day.

The baking of puff paste is almost as important as the rolling.The oven must be very hot, with the greatest heat at the bottom, so that the paste will rise before it browns. If the paste should begin to scorch, lover the temperature.

If you need quick cooling; place a pan of cold water in the oven.