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If you decide to try our recipes, you'll discover that healthy eating is a lot more delicious than you may have thought.

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Low Fat Stuffed Mushrooms
Low Fat Salmon and Potato Casserole
Corn & Beans Vegetable Stew
Low Fat Microwave Leek and Mushroom Flan
Light Salsa
Wonton Chips
Low Fat Oat Bran Raisin Muffin
Low-Fat Ham Biscuits
Strawberry Mouse
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Did You Know?
Most os us know that certain foods can be bad for our health, but did you know that certain foods may alleviate the symptoms of common health disorders like arthritis or diabetes?

A fundamental factor to managing diabetes is diet. For diabetes you should have balanced diet low in fat and sugar. Enjoy fresh green vegetables and food high in fibre.

Arthritis is associated with more than hundred types of disorders. It is characterized by joint inflammation, stiffness, swelling and pain. Anti-inflammatory foods may help ease the pain and stiffness. Cut down on foods containing animal fats and eat plenty of fish. Also try to enjoy fresh green and yellow vegetables and food high in vitamin C. We also recommend diet high in fibre like whole grains and nuts and other high-fibre low calorie food to help control weight.

To counter the effects of hypertension (high blood pressure), eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes, low in fat and high-fibre foods. Cut down on: smoked meat, processed meat, canned and processed foods, added salt and fatty foods.