Cooking Glossary


Danger Zone: The temperature range (4º C to 60º C), in which micro-organisms grow and multiply extremely well.

Deep Fry: To cook food in a deep layer of fat.

Deglaze: During sautéing there are small brown bits that are created that are often used in making a sauce more flavorful. This term refers to adding water or wine to a pan to dissolve these bits and bringing to a boil. 

Desiccated coconut: Dried coconut shreds, similar to US coconut shreds. In the US, coconut is usually sold sweetened, this is not so common in other countries.

Devil: To mix with spicy or hot seasonings. 

Dice: To cut into small cubes no larger than 1/2 inch. 

Digestive Biscuits: Almost the same as US graham crackers.

Dissolve: To mix dry substance with liquid until it is in a solution.

Distilled Water: Water from which all minerals have been removed. To accomplish this, the water is converted into steam and then condensed. This is the purest form of water.

Dough: A mixture of liquid, flour and other ingredients which is stiff enough to be  handled or kneaded.

Dredge: To prepare food for sautéing or searing by lightly coating with cornmeal, flour or dry crumbs.

Drippings: Meat fat and juices that drip into the  pan during roasting. 

Cooking Glossary