Cooking Glossary


Galanga: Used in Thai cooking, galanga is a rhizome similar to ginger in many ways. Tom ka gai (chicken in coconut milk soup) uses galanga, chicken, green chilies, lemon grass and lime juice as well as coconut milk.

Garbanzo beans: Also called chickpeas.

Garnish: Decorate food for eye and taste appeal.

Giblets: Edible internal organs of poultry and game including the liver, heart and gizzard.

Glaze: Give food a shiny coating of sauce before serving (by brushing with beaten egg, milk, syrup or melted preserves.

Grate: To reduce food to small particles by rubbing against a grater.

Green onions: Same as spring onions or scallions, also called green shallots (an inaccurate but occasionally used description for spring onions).

Grill: In the UK, the same as US broiler; in the US, a device for cooking food over a charcoal or gas fire.

Grind: To crush in a food chopper.

Grits: Usually a breakfast item in the US Southern region. Made from the kernel of corn. When corn has been soaked in lye and the casing has been removed it becomes Hominy. The lye is rinsed out very well and the corn is left to harden. Then the swollen hominy is ground up to the texture of tiny pellets. When boiled with water, milk and butter it becomes a cereal similar to cream of wheat. It's used as a side dish for a good old fashioned Southern breakfast. Sometimes you can make it with cheese and garlic for a casserole.

Cooking Glossary