Cooking Glossary


Ladyfingers: Little finger shaped sponge cakes, used in, among other things, a popular Italian dessert called Tiramisu. "Ladies' fingers" is the US vegetable okra.

Leaven: To cause dough or batter to rise by use of a leavening agent, such as baking powder, baking soda or yeast which releases gases during preparation and baking.

Lemonade: In the US, a drink made of lemon juice, sugar and water; in the UK, a carbonated drink that doesn't necessarily contain anything closer to a lemon than a bit of citric acid.

Liqueur: A destiled spirit that has been flavoured and sweetened with a high percentage (10% to 30%) of sugar. They are usually considered as digestives and are consumed after meals, often with coffee. Many liqueurs make superlative cocktail mixes and are used extensively in adding additional character to a variety of desserts and flambéed dishes

Cooking Glossary