Cooking Glossary


Tahini Paste - Made from crushed sesame seeds, used in Middle Eastern dishes such as Sesame Noodles, Hummus and Baba Ghanoush.

Tamari: It is a type of soy sauce, usually used in Japanese food. You can easily substitute with Chinese Light Soy or regular Japanese soy sauce. 

Tangelo Citrus Fruit: Cross of a tangerine and a pomelo. Larger than a mandarin and a little smaller than an average size orange. Skin color is a bright tangerine and they mature during the late mandarin season. Mandarins, Tangerines or Oranges may be used instead.

Terasi: Terasi (Malaysia) also known as balachan/blacan (Malaysia), kapi (Thailand) and ngapi (Burma). A kind of pungent shrimp paste, used in very small quantities. Depending on the recipe in which it is used, it can be crushed with spices to make a paste which is then sautéed in oil. Alternatively, it may be grilled (broiled) or fried first, then added to other ingredients.

Toast: To brown food by the application of direct heat.

Toss: To lightly mix ingredients without mashing.

Translucent: Cooking until clear or transparent.

Cooking Glossary