Smoking Cured Meat

Many people never attempt to smoke their cured meats and prefer to use them directly from the brine, but if possible it is more satisfactory to smoke them before using for several reasons.
  1. First, the process of smoking helps to preserve the meat. The creosote formed by the combustion of the wood closes the pores of the meat to a great extent thus excluding the air and helping it to keep and at the same time makes the meat objectionable to insects.
  2. In the second place, pickled or cured meats taste better and are more palatable if smoked. Of course the smoking must be properly done and the right kind of fuel must be used.
  3. Third, almost all meat cuts and all trimmings can be utilized, and nothing will be wasted.
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NOTE: For all curing always use pickling salt and not table salt, as the latter contains starch to keep it dry and this starch may cause the meat to spoil. If you carefully follow these directions you will have delicious sugar-cured hams and bacon.

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