Special Soups

Soup will give the great amount of nourishment with the least trouble to the digestive organs and it is a valuable aid for weakly and delicate constitutions, for the young and the aged, and it is appreciated invaluable healthy tonic for the busy workers.

There is no better food to put digestive organs in a proper state to do hard work of digestion. A little soup prepares the stomach for the more solid food to follow.

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Real Cooking

The uses of water in the body:
(1) It enters into the chemical composition of the tissues;
(2) it forms the chief ingredient of all the fluids of the body and maintains their proper degree of dilution;
(3) by moistening various surfaces of the body, such as the mucous and serous membranes, it prevents friction and the uncomfortable symptoms which might result from drying;
(4) it furnishes in the blood and lymph a fluid medium by which food may be taken to remote parts of the body and the waste matter removed, thus promoting rapid tissue changes;
(5) it serves as a distributer of body heat;
(6) it regulates the body temperature by the physical processes of absorption and evaporation.