Food Servings, Equivalents & Related Tips 3

Learn to recognize good quality in fresh foods. Before picking up a "bargain" in fresh vegetables or fruits, check their condition carefully. Make sure that they are not dried out. Do not buy spotted or bruised fresh products because they will spoil soon after purchase or they already lost some of their proper food value.

Try to buy fresh produce in season. That way you will get the best deal. Seasonal food is usually lover in price, more plentiful and better flavored.

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Knowledge is power, so we want to inform and educate all food handlers and make them aware of proper food handling techniques and the minimum standards that should be followed in every cooking, food handling and related.

Did you know that
most food poisonings are caused by temperature abuse during the storage of hazardous foods?

Most food poisonings can be traced back to one main cause the FOOD HANDLER! More...

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