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Watch Free Demolition Derby Videos

Watch demolition derby - a thrilling motosport entertainment. Enjoy the smell of burning rubber and adrenaline pumping action. Demolition derbies can be dangerous. Although serious injuries are rare, occasionally they do happen.

The sport's popularity is growing again. Most North American demolition derbies feature local amateur talent. Competitors traditionally used full-size American made sedans and station wagons, especially those from the 1960s and 1970s, which have larger and more robust frames and are much heavier. With the decreasing availability of the older vehicles, smaller full-sized vehicles of the 1980s and 1990s are more frequently encountered today.

A separate class of demolition derby for compact cars is increasing in popularity. A compact (North America), small family (European) or c-segment car is a classification of cars which are larger than a supermini and smaller than a large family car. Compact cars usually have wheelbases between 100 inches (2,540 mm) and 105 inches (2,667 mm). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a "Compact" car as measuring between 100 cubic feet (2.8 m3) and 109 cubic feet (3.1 m3) of combined passenger and cargo volume capacity. Compact car events have the advantages of an abundant supply of usable vehicles, which also tend to be more mobile and thus, more entertaining to fans. Being largely front-wheel drive, their back ends can sustain considerable amounts of damage before the vehicle is immobilized. However, this increased speed, coupled with the fact that compact cars tend to be less crashworthy, makes injuries more frequent.

Fans of the thundering raw power will find a generous amount of excitement they seek mirrored here: