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Everyone assumes that writing childrenís books is easy, so they donít listen to good advice! Did you know that childrenís books are the most over submitted MSS in the publishing industry and less than a quarter of one percent of all submissions are ever published?

So whatís the secret? Itís actually blindingly obvious:
In order to get your childrenís book published, you MUST give childrenís publishers EXACTLY what they want. And THAT is what "How to Write a GREAT Children's Book" is all about.

What you need to consider before you start writing your book:

  • It's good to know what you should write about in order to make good children's books.
  • Learn everything you can about the different types of children's books.
  • It's good to know what to do to improve your chances of being published.
  • Find out why children's fiction is different from other fiction and what is important in children's fiction.
  • It's good to know how to create believable characters and how to write realistic dialogue.
  • Learn how to make sure your reader is 'hooked' after the first two pages.
  • Find out more about editing and polishing your work to a professional standard.
  • What are the most common problems of novice writers.
Once your book is written, you'll want to know where to go next. I've also included information about the following things:
  • Formatting your mansucript
  • Researching the marketplace
  • Preparing your submission
  • Submitting your book to royalty paying publishers
  • Resources and courses
"How to Write a GREAT Children's Book"  is jam-packed with exclusive  information designed to jump start your dreams of being a children's writer and turn a 'hobby' into a publishing career. What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW and launch your writing career today. 


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