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A mural is a painting on a wall, ceiling, or other large permanent surface. Murals of sorts date to prehistoric times such as the paintings on the Caves of Lascaux in southern France.

There are many techniques. The most well known is probably "fresco", which uses water soluble paints with a damp lime wash, a rapid use of the resulting mixture over a large surface, and often in parts (but with a sense of the whole). The colors lighten when dried.

Murals today may be painted in a variety of ways, using oil or water based media. The styles can vary from abstract to Trompe L'Oeil (a French term for fool or trick the eye).

The world most famous mural is probably Guernica, by Pablo Picasso. Click here to see image of Guernica.

Vancouver Island - Island of Murals
Chemainus, the beautiful little town located in the sun-soaked Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC is world famous for its murals. Beautiful murals decorate many of the buildings making the town itself a model for many other Canadian, and generally North American communities... more...

Visit other rural communities in Cowichan Valley, enjoy relaxed atmosphere and learn more about local aboriginal culture and art. Don't forget to stop at picturesque settlement of Cowichan Bay. Visit Duncan, the "City of Totems" and Cowichan Lake, the Island's second biggest lake, famous for its fly fishing and wilderness.

Click on the small image to see bigger picture of other murals located on Vancouver Island. Take A Tour
Town of Sidney - Vancouver Island
Town of Sidney - Vancouver Island
Town of Sidney - Vancouver Island