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The World Factbook is book in the public domain, prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for the use of US Government officials, and coverage, format, style, and content are designed to meet their specific requirements.
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USA Employment Info

Employment Info
Employment Info - Canada
America's Job Bank
America's Service Locator
The Department of Defense (DoD) Job Search - An associate web site of the US Department of Labor's (DoL) America's Job Bank. The web site is designed to assist separating Service members in their job search by providing an entry to America's Job Bank. This site, and America's Job Bank, are operated and maintained by the Department of Labor.
USAID Careers
U.S. Department of State
Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Service
Expertise In Labour Mobility - Practical cultural management and job hunting information on more than 40 countries are your ultimate help to ensure a successful start of an international career.
Goin Global - Grab an international career in the country of your choice.
Internet Career Connection - Online career guidance service
Academic Careers - Global job site of career opportunities in
education and academia. 
Career Journal - The Wall Street Journal's executive career site.
Employment Within United Nations
Careers Without Borders - Bringing together employers and job seekers in international development and humanitarian relief.
Freelance Writing - Web site to help writers, journalists, public relations pros, and researchers succeed in their professional careers.
True Careers - Search thousands of jobs at leading, reputable companies and get paid what you're worth by employers who value your education and experience.
International Student - International student job search and online career center.
Hobsons - Brings together educational and corporate recruiters with the students they want to reach - worldwide.
Academic Transfer - Here you can find vacancies, information on career opportunities and the developments at the Dutch and international academic labour market here. 
Easy Backgrounds - Background check and pre-employment screening services.
Career Innovation - An international alliance of employers dedicated to becoming "inspiring companies".
Expat Exchange - The largest online community for English-speaking expatriates with goal to build the most useful online pool of resources for individuals living outside of their country. It also aggregates services typically purchased for international employees by their HR departments, and customizes newsletters that help educate, inform and keep employees connected to their home office and country. 
Embassy - Find the embassy of your choice.
The Interchange Institute - A not-for-profit research organisation whose mission is to promote dialogue and facilitate understanding between people who move to a new country and their new communities. They conduct research on the process of intercultural transition, produce publications to assist newcomers to the US, design and deliver specialized cross-cultural training workshops, and train and consult to professionals in the field.
Jobseekers Advice - The jobseekers website, run by professionals from around the world who volunteer their time to help the job seeker and setup to provide the job seeker a place to go for independent and unbiased information and  free career advice.
Executive Planet - International business culture and etiquette.
Kidon Media-Link - An independent directory of newspapers and other news sources on the internet.

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