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Great History Places
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Tegea - A site for the diffusion of the cultural heritage and life of Tegea, a region of Arcadia, Greece. Contains historical notes, archaelogic sites, cultural events, associations, galleries, and related links.

Byzantine Churches in Athens - Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, the origin of drama and history and philosophy, the birthplace of democracy. 

Zaanse Schans, Holland - Characteristic living and working area on the River Zaan, with wooden houses & windmills dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. In workshops and windmills you can experience something of how the Zaan- siders lived and worked.....

Popular Places Of Paris, France

English Country Houses - Britannia's collection of illustrated articles: regional studies and the histories of specific houses

UK Heritage Railways

Hereditary Titles
Discover Castles
World Attractions Info
World Heritage Convention Sites Founded by the General Conference of UNESCO
Castles Directory
Great Buildings Online - Leading architecture site on the web.This gateway to architecture around the world & across history documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects, with 3D models, photographic images & architectural drawings, commentaries, bibliographies, links, and more, for famous designers and structures of all kinds. 
Historic Places of New Mexico
Partners for Sacred Places - Nation's only non-denominational, non-profit organization devoted to
helping Americans embrace, care for and make good use of older and historic religious properties. 
U.S. Ghost Towns - Go on your own personal ghost towning adventure with Ghosttowns.com.
Wild West Ranch, New York - Step back in time to an "1800's western ranch experience." Stroll down Main Street. Visit the Old West Shops, enjoy a bite to eat at the Wild Horse Saloon & Steak house. Experience a real Wild West Show in the Cheyenne Arena and all of the Hoot'n Holler Attractions Wild West Ranch & Western Town has to offer.
Virginia's Explore Park - It is western Virginia's premier educational and recreational facility. From mountain biking, hiking, and fishing to outdoor historical and environmental education, Explore Park offers a multitude of experiences for the whole family. 
Crossroads Village - Flint, MI - Crossroads Village, with more than 30 historic structures, takes you back to a simpler time. Friendly villagers in period dress welcome you to the homes, mills, and shops. Experience the thrill of riding an authentic 1912 carousel or take a ride on the matching ferris wheel. Go for a train ride on the Huckleberry Railroad or tour Mott Lake on the Genesee Belle, a full size paddlewheel riverboat.
Living In The Past
Famous and Historic Homes in Iowa & other places
World Heritage Areas (UN)
Europe 101 : History and Art for the Traveler by Rick Steves, Gene Openshaw (Contributor) 
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This neat little book gives you enough practical knowledge of European art history to make your trip to the museums & churches a lot more enjoyable. It connects yesterday's Europe with today's sights - museums, art, buildings, and people. An essential tool for any traveler's backpack or suitcase.

America's Historic Places : An Illustrated Guide to Our Country's Past 

Travel Books & Guides
National Geographic Guide to America's Great Houses - by Henry Wiencek, Donna M. Lucey, National Geographic Society(U.S.) 
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More than 150 outstanding mansions open to the public
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