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Any artists book produced in South Africa has to have a copy, or a number of copies donated to the State Library Collection. This ensures that South Africa as a country has an archive of artists books produced in the country. It also acts as a resource for people who are interested in artists books but who cannot afford them. [ more> ]

The Caribbean is a region of the Americas consisting of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. To find more info about Caribbean click on the links and browse our virtual bookshelves. [ more> ]

New Zealand is one of the ultimate travel destinations, with something for just about anyone. Everything is there, from ski fields to volcanoes, from big cities to small towns and from beaches to mountains. [ more> ]

Asia is home to several language families and many language isolates. Most Asian countries have more than one language that is natively spoken. For instance, according to Ethnologue, more than 600 languages are spoken in Indonesia, more than 415 languages spoken in India, and more than 100 are spoken in the Philippines. [ more> ]

For more than 30 years, he has traveled and led tours around Europe, finding and sharing the joy of simplicity and openness. Most guidebooks tell where to travel. Rick Steve's travel guides and books teaches readers how to travel so they have a far more interesting vacation, instead of just another standard tour. [ more> ]

When you travel in the Netherlands, go Dutch: Get to know the locals...
With each visit, my friends show me a new slice of Holland. And with each visit, I renew my belief that the more you know about Europe, the more you'll uncover that's worth exploring. [ more> ]

Most of Oceania consists of small island nations. Australia is the only continental country but Indonesia has land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. [ more> ]

The world's smallest continent, beautiful Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, comprising the mainland, the major island of Tasmania and a number of other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. To learn more about Australia, click on the link [ more> ]

People say the world is getting smaller, but when you see snorkelers swimming with manta rays in Bora Bora, followed by white-robed mystics in Lalibela, Ethiopia and rail-riders living the good life aboard the Eastern and Oriental Express in Malaysia, the world regains some of its size, which is to say, its mystery and appeal. [ more> ]

Discover the beauty of the islands, enjoy little-visited spots away from the crowds where you can trek for miles without seeing another soul, strip down and sun yourself on a secluded beach, or join a group and sail offshore as the sun sets. Every island has its unique charm. [ more> ]

Walking, Hiking and Backpacking may produce threats to personal safety. Dangerous circumstances may include losing the way, inclement weather, hazardous terrain, or exacerbation of pre-existing medical conditions. Specific accidents include metabolic imbalances (such as dehydrationhypothermia), topical injuries (such as frostbite or sunburn), attacks by animals, or [ more> ]

Whether you own the latest model or a classic bike with thousands of miles on it, we know that beginners and experienced cyclists can benefit from quality knowledge to get their bikes out of the shop faster and to keep them on the road longer. [ more> ]

Early morning is typically the best time of the day for birding since many birds are searching for food which makes them easier to find and observe. For bird-obsessed humans or anyone curious about the lives of birds this may be a great nest of literature and interesting information... [ more> ]

Water conducts heat from the diver 25 times better than air, which can lead to hypothermia even in mild water temperatures. Symptoms of hypothermia include impaired judgment and dexterity, which can quickly become deadly in an aquatic environment. In all but the warmest waters, divers need the thermal insulation provided by wetsuits or drysuits. Find books and guides that cover deep diving and related underwater sports and provide quality info about the wide variety of related areas... [ more> ]

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