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Travel Oceania
Australia Travel Advisory

New Zealand Travel Advisory

Australasia Parks Guide

Australian Government Information

Weather: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

Travel Health Info

Other Travel Books & Guides

Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Government Info

Solomon Islands Weather

Solomon Islands Department of Commerce, Employment and Tourism

Kayak Solomons.com

Cook Islands
Official site of Cook Islands Tourism Corporation

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Travel Site

Cook Islands Links

Cook Islands News Online
Vanuatu National Tourism Office 
Destination Vanuatu
Vanuatu Net
Islands Vanuatu.com
Easter Island Study
Easter Island
Easter Island Virtual Tour
American Samoa
American Samoa Page
Vital Records Information American Samoa
Western Samoa Nations of the Commonwealth
Samoa - The Site About Samoa
Samoa, the Heart of Polynesia
Samoa News.com
Samoa Chat
Many Samoa Rugby
Marshall Islands
RMI (Marshall Islands) Online
New Caledonia.com
New Caledonia Tourism
New Caledonia Official Tourisam Site
New Caledonia Info
Fiji Government Online
Fiji Islands Travel Guide
Internet Fiji.com
Fiji Online.com
Fiji Islands.com
Air Fiji Net
Affordable Accommodation in the Fiji Islands 
Fiji Islands Business & Information Directory 
Fiji diving and island accommodation
Papua New Guinea
Learn About Papua New Guinea

Destination Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Links -The Official Papau New Guinea Search Engine

Papua New Guinea Country Info

Papau New Guinea.com

Discovering Rabaul

Air Niguini - National airline of Papua New Guinea

Tour Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Advisory 

Consular Travel Advice

TravelCam Guide

Discover New Ireland

French Polynesia
French Polynesia


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