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"Robbins grabs the reader and doesn't let go."
--Publishers Weekly

"Robbins's dialogue is moving... his people have the warmth of life."
--The New York Times

The best selling popular novelist of all time!
"He was certainly my big inspiration. Really successful writers give their readers a world they know intimately, and Harold certainly knows his world. From his luxurious yachts in the south of France to his lavish jet-set parties, Harold was king. He was larger than life and a real charmer. I will miss him and his ferocious talent. But his books will go on entertaining forever." 
--Jackie Collins
"Grabs you hard from page one and never lets go! Over the past fifty years, Harold Robbins has shown two generations of readers and writers 'how it's done.' With The Predators, he's ready to show a third." 
--Lincoln Child, coauthor of Reliquary
The Secret

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Published posthumously, The Secret is Robbins' sequel to The Predators (1998), which told the story of Jerome Cooper's rise to power after the Mafia kills his family. Jerome's story is continued along with that of his son, Len. Jerome is trying to raise the boy while keeping his affiliations with organized crime a secret. Len grows up learning that people are merely tools to achieve gratification and power. He becomes a lawyer, intending on making his own way in the world but gradually enters more and more of his father's world.

The Predators

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Nothing new or surprising in this posthumously published novel by a grand master of sexy pop fiction.
Combining in one novel the finest attributes of "A Stone for Danny Fisher" and "The Carpetbaggers", Robbins' new novel takes readers on a wild odyssey through the gaudy and reckless life of Jerry Cooper: His struggles to survive in depression-era New York; his years in Europe during World War II; his friends and lovers; his life in organized crime; and his entrance into the world of high-powered international business. Explicit sex and language.

The Raiders : A Novel
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Jonas Cord Jr., whose tumultuous relationship with his father ended lovelessly in The Carpetbaggers, by the 1950s has become the Jonas Cord -- rich and powerful. Though he has an 18-year old daughter, Jonas vows to tell his son (should he ever happen to have one) that he loves him. 
Surprise! Enter his bastard boy, whose mother, elegant wife of a Cuban statesman, Jonas had deflowered and then spurned when she was an ingenue. Jonas Enrique Raul Cordy Batista -- Bart for short -- is already a brilliant WW II vet-Harvard- grad-lawyer-polyglot-blond-hunk when he meets Dad, who is determined to add heir and businessman to Junior's list of credits. Bart begins to dip his toe into Jonas's dealings, and before you know it he's up to his neck in Mafia-entangled hotel casino deals, entertainment industry high jinks, and messy family politics. Bart discovers that, like his father, he has a taste for sex, money, power, and conflict. 
Goodbye, Janette
Once again, Robbins is in top form ! Not only does he grab his readers with his forthright, no-hold-barred prose, but he also know the true meaning of the word «scandalous»
Goodbye Janette has everything : sex, greed, love, revenge... 
Never Love a Stranger
"Never Love A Stranger" is a wonderful yarn which contains all the ingredients for a mass market winner.
As Robbins' first novel, ( first published in 1947 can you believe) it is far less explicit than his later work but this is not a disappointment. The characters are drawn vividly and their world and lives ring true. 
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The Carpetbaggers
Click here to order The Carpetbaggers made Robbins' name a household word in the early sixties, especially after it was made into a movie starring George Peppard. 
As the bestselling popular novelist of all time, Robbins has created a legend that goes beyond the blockbuster, capturing a world of fantasy that most can only dream about. 
The Piranhas
The sex and cocaine driven, power-hungry plot!
From sensational New York Times bestselling author Harold Robbins comes his toughest and most compelling novel in years -- a dazzling exploration of cold ambition and unrestrained lust. From the ruthless dealings of global drug lords to the corporate savagery of  Wall Street's  hustlers, The Piranhas are those hungry, vicious, men & women whose greed is all consuming --and whose power is deadly. 
The Stallion
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In this breathtaking, long-awaited sequel, the struggle continues in all its naked fury.
The fateful link between Angelo Perino and the Hardeman family, which first enthralled readers 25 years ago in The Betsy, continues, as one of the best-loved storytellers of our time spins a new saga of dogged ambition and passion in the auto industry. 
Memories of Another Day
A delicious novel covering the life of a man from a poor family of farmers, from his teenager years as a coal miner to his death as one of the most powerful union leaders in the USA. The story of this man, Daniel Boone Huggins, is presented as his youngest son goes after his birth land and gets in touch with his father's origins, seeking to understand his father's ways in life. As usual with Robbins' books, real life characters get mixed in the story (Jimmy Hoffa is one of them), helping to improve the interest in the narration.
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The Betsy - A saga of violent ambition and passion in the auto industry. 
The Betsy, was made into a popular movie with an impressive cast: Laurence Olivier, Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Katharine Ross, and Jane Alexander. The book is about the ruthless competition between the Hardeman family, owners of Bethlehem Motors, and the studly race-car driver Angelo Perino. Hardeman senior welcomed Perino into the family business, but his son and grandson resented Perino and drove him out, beating him up badly in the process. 
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Tycoon : A Novel
The story follows the ascent of Jack Lear, son of a Jewish salvage collector from California, who marries into a blue-blooded Boston family and is soon on his way to wealth, fame, and fortune, having gotten into radio and network television at the right time. Through World War II, a couple of marriages, business upheavals, and problems with his dysfunctional children, Lear sleeps his way around the world with what must be hundreds of women who magically cannot resist his frequently touted overendowed physicality. Robbins uses every sexual encounter imaginable to describe Jack Lear's life, and soon the story of his business success becomes merely a backdrop to his continuing escapades. 
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The classic tale of crime, money and power is now available in hardcover for the first time. 
Caesar Cardinal is a young Italian aristocrat who owes his lush lifestyle to the favors of a Mafia overlord. In order to keep those favors, Cardinal has to kill four men awaiting trail in a sensational case against organized crime. And once he has begun to savor the encompassing rush of killing, nobody is likely to stop him from knowing it again.
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