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Africa is a world of wonders, a vast stretch of land filled with undiscovered sights and unfelt experiences, so, if you want to experience real Africa, choose [ more> ]

Asia - Few people think of wildlife when Hong Kong is mentioned. But hidden away on the border between the former colony's New Territories and mainland China are the Mai Po Marshes, 1,500 hectares of mongrove forests, mud flats and ponds which serve as... [ more> ]

It's Good To Know -
When doing business in Asia, never put someone else's business card away without reading it first. It's as rude as smacking your gum on a conference call, rummaging through your briefcase during a presentation or applying lipstick at the dinner table in the States. [ more> ]

Thousand Islands - The 1000 Islands townships are blessed with a great natural beauty in their setting along the magnificient shores of St. Lawrence River, Rideau Canal and nearby lakes. They will offer you the perfect balance of heritage, services and contemporary lifestyles. You will also find many unique shops and wonderful entertainment with opportunity to explore... [ more> ]

Ottawa -
Canadian capital city Ottawa has been described as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Less than an hour's drive from the American border, Ottawa enjoys the attributes of a major centre for the visual and performing arts, as well as other big city attractions. Ottawa has the charm of a European town filled with monuments and ceremonies. [ more> ]

Virgin Islands
- Aside from Virgin Islands' best beaches, cool waters, friendly people, and colorful cultures, it also has the finest shopping. In fact, it has been judged as a shopping paradise by many shopping addicts. This is because most of Virgin Islands' items don't have custom duties and luxury / sales taxes. Quality designed bags, jewelries, apparels, accessories, watches, liquors, and clothes are cheap as compared to others. Because of this, the Virgin Islands became the shoppers' haven in the Caribbean. It was even awarded as the "best duty-free shopping port" in the area. [ more> ]

Boating Tips  -
Most new boaters go to sea without prior knowledge of the cruising lifestyle and its demands. This can result in conditions ranging from the merely inefficient to the truly tragic. Learn more about becoming a safe, responsible boater. Do the first step and find out more about boating organizations in your area. Join them and learn everything you can. [ more> ]

Antigua And Barbuda Casinos - Unlike casinos in the United States, Caribbean casinos aren't usually open 24 hours a day. Some don't even post actual hours, like the St. James Club Casino advertises from 8 pm until "late." You'll want to check with the individual casino to see what their hours are. Antigua and Barbuda casinos, whether lively or quiet, are... [ more> ]

Hawaii's Most Popular Paid Activity -
Hawaii's Polynesian Cultural Center, located about an hour's drive from Waikiki showcases seven native Polynesian villages that give visitors the rare opportunity to participate in the daily adventures of Hawaiian and other South Pacific cultures. Many South Pacific nations are represented at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where re-created villages, exhibits and hands-on activities highlight 8 of them: Samoa, Aotearoa (Maori New Zealand), Fiji, Hawaii, Marquesas, Tahiti, Tonga and Rapa Nui (Easter Island). [ more> ]

Hidden Meanings -
Watch what you say! - A simple hand gesture could land you in a world of trouble. Here the thumbs up sign means "good going! " But in Bangladesh it's a taunt, and in other Islamic countries, it's the equivalent of an upraised middle finger. [ more> ]

Canadian Winter Migration -
Canadians are known as enthusiastic world travelers and many of them are finding interesting ways to escape without breaking the bank. [ more> ]

Travel Europe -
Anyone who has been to Europe or dreamed of going will recognize the great cultural variation within relatively small areas. Soon every traveler will develop admiration for culture and natural beauty of the fascinating Old World. Europe has a long history of cultural [ more> ]

Other Travel Info & Tips - Whether you travel all-the time or just once a year, there are tools, tips and great number of ways you can enhance your experience and make it much more comfortable in the process. You could travel arround the world efficiently and safely by using our travel tips.[ more> ]

In The Spotlight - Panama Canal -
The Panama Canal is an amazing feat of engineering that all travelers should try to experience at least once in a lifetime. Since opening in 1914 the Panama Canal has been acclaimed the world over as one of mankind's greatest endeavours. Today, it is held in awe as one of the wonders of the modern world - a place of serene natural beauty, as well as political and commercial importance. [ more> ]

North America - Los Angeles - To fully appreciate a foreign culture, you must understand its darker passions. In Los Angeles, that means police pursuits through the city's maze of highways. [ more> ]

Raise Your Standard Of Flying -
Cut your carry-on. Lockers for hanging garment bags are disappearing and overhead compartments fill up fast. If you stuff your bags under the seat in front of you, where you will put your feet? [ more> ]

Find Travel Info - It is quite true that the more you travel, the more interested in travel you are. No matter how many times you visited  interesting places, there is always something new to be discovered. Learn more about your destination before your trip... [ more> ]
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