Sauces - Recommended Books

The Complete Book of Sauces by Sallie Y. Williams - Williams takes readers through the basics of sauce-making and provides special tips on each kind of preparation, with cross indexes that match the sauces according to their compatibility with meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, pasta, and desserts. Includes over 300 recipes for white and brown sauces, tomato-based sauces, mayonnaises, fruit and sweet sauces, and more. 80 illustrations. 

The Sauce Bible: Guide to the Saucier's Craft - This most complete "how-to" available on the craft of sauce-making, from the classic stocks and sauces to current innovations, features 600 step-by-step recipes. Includes 16 pages of full-color photos and more than 50 drawings. 

The Saucier's Apprentice: A Modern Guide to Classic French Sauces for the Home - Mr. Sokolov has conceived, then, a comprehensive collection of recipes -- authoritative, clear, and easy to follow -- as well as an inventive method of cooking for the average kitchen. Peppered with culinary lore and with reassuring accounts of the author's own experiences as a modern-day Saucier's Apprentice, here is a book that will appeal to every good amateur cook who wants to produce sumptuous fare at home for occasions great and small. 

Real Cooking

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