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When describing Caribbean, only one word comes to mind - PARADISE.
Caribbean islands are ideal choice for travelers who like volcanic mountains, famous landmarks, spectacular sunsets, friendly atmosphere, beautiful sand beaches, ideal climate and interesting history.
The entire area of the Caribbean Sea, especially the numerous islands in the sea, is known as just the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Sea is a body of water adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, south of the Gulf of Mexico. It is bounded on the south by Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama, to the west by Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, to the north by the Greater Antilles, Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, and to the east by the Lesser Antilles.

The Caribbean Sea covers about 2,754,000 km² (1,063,000 square miles). The sea's deepest point is the Cayman Trench, between Cuba and Jamaica, 7500 m (25,000 feet) below sea level.

  • Caribbean Islands - With coconut palms and white-sand beaches, vibrant cities and tranquil coves, the Caribbean's rich mix of islands offers endless possibilities for the ultimate tropical escape. Whether you want to dive among shipwrecks, stretch out on dry land or cast away with a glass of rum, this comprehensive and practical guide is the key to unlocking your Caribbean dream.
  • Fodor’s Caribbean 2008 - Comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to use, Fodor’s Caribbean 2008 remains the best resource for organizing your trip to these rich and varied islands.

Learn More About Caribbean Islands:
  • Antigua and BarbudaThis wonderful Caribbean islands are located in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are rich in history and you'll find a unique mixture of British and West Indian tradition.
  • Aruba - This charming island in the Caribbean Sea, just a short distance north of the Venezuelan-Paraguan Peninsula, combines so many of the wonderful images that we associate with a perfect tropical holiday. Aruba forms a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island's capital, Oranjestad offers duty free shopping along its streets lined with pastel coloured replicas of Dutch houses and a wide variety of culinary delights for everyone's taste.
  • Barbados - Barbados is a relatively flat island, rising gently to central highland region, the highest point being Mount Hillaby at 336 m. It is located in a slightly eccentric position in the Atlantic Ocean compared to other Caribbean islands.
  • St. Lucia - With its unspoiled beauty and its unique creole culture St. Lucia has French Flavour and it is very popular with North Americans and Europeans. The volcanic island of St. Lucia size is 620 km² with an estimated population of 160,000. Its capital is Castries, where about one third of the population lives.
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis - Located in the northern Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, St. Kitts can easily boast of being the most picturesque island in the Caribbean, with an unique blend of old historical structures and modern facilities. Just 38 km (23 miles) long, and with only 69 sq. miles of total land mass this scenic island combines lush peaks with acres of waving cultivated vegetation interspersed with historic sugar mills and tiny hamlets.
  • Trinidad & Tobago Guide - Trinidad and Tobago are beautiful, friendly islands and worth taking the time to get to know them well. Although definitely a part of the Caribbean, these two islands are unique, refusing to conform with the stock Caribbean image created by glossy brochures and travel agencies.
  • Jamaica - Jamaica is one of the best developed Caribbean islands touristically. Jamaica offers every type of activity and nightlife you could want... from tennis and scuba to limbo shows and piano bars.
  • Martinique - Martinique today still retains an imprint of grace and courtesy left over from French tradition. The official language, currency and the Gallic preoccupation with food and high style is evident here, but culture remains Creole. 
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