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If you are a lover of beaches, enjoy boating, sunworshiper or have a strong interest in the coastline, than islands are good place for your next vacation.

Islands are located in a variety of climates and cultures. These heavenly hideaways boast a range of topographies and vegetation in some of the most beautiful settings on earth.

Today the great importance of tourism, offshore banking, "assembly" factories, and indeed the drug trade are evident in some of the islands and their economy. But in the past it was a lust for gold (for Spanish explorers); commitment to sugar plantations took hold requiring the cheapest form of labor - slavery (European explorers). Many times organized religion gets credit for bringing credible pressure on the political and social history and controlling government. Visitors to any island region should read available information about island they want to visit in order to have a better understanding of the similarities and differences of island communities based on the historical specifics of their political and social history.

Did you ever ask yourself why your favorite cologne doesn't seem to work at a tropical resort?
The reason? Alcohol forms the base of most scents and in the sun it evaporates quickly.
Try water-based fragrances, they are also very good for sensitive skin.

Islands [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] - "Destinations, Adventures, Dreams" promises the masthead, and this magazine delivers. Unlike many other travel magazines that are really general lifestyle publications, Islands focuses entirely on islands--as vacation destinations and as cultures. Packed with information helpful for planning a vacation, this magazine helps make the dream a reality, spotlighting a wide variety of price points and destinations. While giving great attention to tropical climates, contributors also visit temperate locations. Stories are written with a personal touch--personal experiences intermingle with details on the location, including social, economic, and political dimensions. Vivid photographs and maps give the reader a better sense of the locations (and a desire to visit immediately!). Advertisements pertain directly to vacation planning, including rentals, resorts, and airfares. Subscribe for the dream of the island getaway, but be careful--you may just find yourself booking it.
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