Blackberry Sponge Delight

This easy to prepare blackberry sponge dessert is very delicious, for the berries are combined with cake and the combination then served with whipped cream.


4 cups blackberries
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup water
6 large slices of plain loaf or sponge cake
2 cups whipped cream

Makes 6 servings.


  • Heat half of the berries with the sugar and the water until they are mushy. Then puree them in the food processor or mash them into pulp.
  • Cut the cake into cubes and put them into a glass serving bowl.
  • Pour the blackberry pulp on the cake. Press the mixture down with a spoon until it is quite solid and set in the refrigerator or some other cold place to cool.
  • Turn out of the bowl on a large plate, garnish with the whipped cream and remaining berries.
  • Serve cold.

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Did You Know?
Blackberries come later in the summer season. Good varieties of cultivated blackberries, which are large in size and contain comparatively few seeds, are the best for use. However, in some locations, uncultivated blackberries grow in sufficient quantities to be useful for food.

Blackberries are used extensively for jam, as they make an excellent kind that appeals to most people. Their juice may be used for jelly, but if the berries are to be utilized most successfully in this way they must be picked before they are thoroughly ripe or some fruit that will supply an additional quantity of pectin may have to be combined with them. Fresh blackberries may be served for dessert with sugar and cream. Otherwise, the use of this fruit in desserts is not very extensive, except where the canned berries are used for pastry or pie or are eaten for sauce or where the jam is used in making up various dessert dishes.

Very little preparation is necessary in getting blackberries ready to serve. They should simply be looked over carefully, so that all imperfect ones and all foreign matter may be removed, and then washed in cold water.