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When people think about marvelously nourishing or stimulating effects of drinks like tea, cocoa based drinks or coffee on our nervous system it is hard to decide which one has bigger influence on our social or health life. As a matter of fact, the active principles of all three are alkaloids, practically identical and equally effective.

Most experts argue about importance of each tasty  beverage and their role in history, only few realize that in its stimulating properties cocoa ranks ahead of coffee, though below tea. If we are considering their influence on our social life, they are probably all the same. Anyway, we are not here to argue or discuss what is more important, we just want to provide quality information so you can learn how to prepare one.

In this part of our cookbook you will find great recipes for beverages, delicious and easy to prepare but quite capable to satisfy your cravings or help you in preparation of memorable social events around the clock.

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Since its discovery in an Ethiopian rainforest centuries ago, coffee has brewed up a rich and troubled history, according to Uncommon Grounds, a sweeping book by business writer Mark Pendergrast. Over the years, the beverage has fomented revolution, spurred deforestation, enriched a few while impoverishing the many, and addicted millions with its psychoactive caffeine. Coffee is now the world's 2nd most valuable legal commodity, behind oil, according to Pendergrast, who is also author of the  book  "For God, Country, and Coca-Cola"

A good cup of coffee can turn the worst day tolerable, can provide an all important moment of contemplation, can rekindle a romance," he writes. "And yet, poetic as its taste may be, coffee's history is rife with controversy and politics." For example, coffee bankrolled Idi Amin's genocidal regime in Uganda and the Sandinistas' revolution in Nicaragua. Uncommon Grounds provides some fascinating tidbits. More info and recipes...

Put your local coffee bar to the test with Coffee Basics! With thousands of coffee bars and restaurants serving an endless variety of blends, roasts, and brews, ordering a specialty coffee drink has become as daunting a task as selecting a fine wine. How can you distinguish between great coffee and great hype? Read Coffee Basics: A Quick and Easy Guide. Kevin Knox and Julie Sheldon Huffaker have filled this handy reference with hundreds of industry truths and trade secrets.

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