Sauces, Dips, Spreads & Related

Piquant sauces are excellent accents for meat, fish, vegetables even for sandwiches. They will bring wonderful changes to your familiar dishes or they will just accompany new. We hope you will develop your own ideas how to use them.

Recipes for Sauces:

For a small or a big party here is the definitive success. Several easy dips and spreads to welcome guests and good friends.

Recipes for Spreads:

Recipes for Dips:

Real Cooking

A sauce is a thick liquid which can be used to add flavour to food, to moisten it and/or make it look more attractive on the plate.

Sauces form an important part of traditional French cuisine. These French-style sauces are thickened with starch or roux (flour cooked in butter) and fall into two basic categories:
- Brown sauces, which are based on demi-glace, a reduction of browned veal and beef bones
- White sauces, based on velouté, a reduction of the meat and bones of veal, chicken or both, or of fish.

Also important in French cuisine are the following types of sauces:
- Béchamel; family sauces, based on flour &  thickened milk
- "Emulsified sauces", which use eggs as emulsifiers to combine normally immiscible ingredients such as oil and vinegar
- "Butter sauces", in which butter fat is re-emulsified back to a state resembling the original FREE Recipes