Rapid Boiled Rice

Rapid boiling is about the simplest way in which to prepare rice for the table. Properly boiled rice not only forms a valuable dish itself, but is an excellent foundation for other dishes that may be served at any meal.


1 cup rice
3 teaspoons salt
3 quarts (12 cups) boiling water

Sufficient to serve eight.


  • Wash the rice carefully and add it to the boiling salted water. Boil rapidly until the water begins to appear milky because of the starch coming out of the rice into the water or until a grain can be easily crushed between the fingers.
  • Drain the cooked rice through a colander, and then pour cold water over the rice in the colander, so as to wash out the loose starch and leave each grain distinct.
  • Reheat the rice by shaking it over the heat, and serve hot with butter, gravy, or cream or milk and sugar.

NOTE: This method is not desirable with enriched rice, because the enrichment additives are flushed away when the water is discarded.

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Did You Know?
Rice is first mentioned in the Yajur Veda (c. 1500-800 BC) and then is frequently referred to in Sanskrit texts. In India there is a saying that grains of rice should be like two brothers, close but not stuck together. Rice is often directly associated with prosperity and fertility, hence there is the custom of throwing rice at newlyweds. In India, rice is always the first food offered to the babies when they start eating solids or to husband by his new bride, to ensure they will have children.

Today, the majority of all rice produced comes from India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and Bangladesh. Asian farmers still account for 92-percent of the world's total rice production.

Genetics shows that rice was first domesticated in the region of the Yangtze river valley.