American Yankee Pudding


1 egg, and its weight in flour, sugar and bread crumbs
1 tablespoon marmalade
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup milk 

Makes 1 serving.


  • Mix the flour, sugar, and bread crumbs together; stir in the marmalade. 
  • Heat milk until just warm, and dissolve in it the soda. Beat up the egg and mix together with milk.
  • Pour egg mixture over the dry ingredients, beat for a few minutes, than turn into a small buttered pudding mold, deep custard dish or small basin. Cover or tie over it a cloth, plunge into boiling water, and boil one hour in the oven. Serve either hot or cold.
NOTE: A spoonful of marmalade placed on the top of this pudding just before serving is an improvement.

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Did You Know?

In the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries, pudding refers to rich, fairly homogeneous starch - or dairy-based desserts such as rice pudding and Christmas pudding, or, informally, any dessert. The word is also used for savory dishes such as Yorkshire pudding, black pudding, suet pudding, and blood pudding.

In the United States, pudding characteristically denotes a sweet milk-based dessert similar in consistency to egg-based custards, though it may also refer other types such as bread and rice pudding.