To kill insects and their eggs on sun dried, air dried foods and vine dried beans you can use freezer or oven treatment for pasteurization.

Freezer Method - Seal the sun dried food in freezer bags and place them in a freezer set at 0ºF or below and leave them at least 48 hours. 

Oven Method - Preheat oven to 160 degrees F. Place the sun dried food in a single layer on an oven tray or in a shallow pan for about 30 minutes.

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Did You Know?
The principal animal fats are butter, cream, lard, suet, the fat of mutton, pork, bacon, beef, fish and cod liver oil. The vegetable fats and oils chiefly used as food are derived from seeds, olives, and nuts.

Lard is hog fat, separated by melting.

Suet is beef fat surrounding the kidneys.

Olive oil is obtained from the fruit, and is considered to be very wholesome.

Nuts contain a good deal of healthy oil. FREE Recipes