Room Drying

Room drying method of drying differs from sun drying since it takes place indoors in a well ventilated attic, room, or screened porch.

The most common air dried items are herbs, flowers, hot peppers, nuts in the shell and partially dried sun dried fruits.

Herbs and peppers can be tied in bundles or strung on a string and left on the racks or hang up in the air until dry.

By enclosing them in paper bags, with openings for air circulation you can protect them from dust and other pollutants. Partially sun dried fruits could be left on their drying trays. Nuts are spread on papers in a single layer.

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Did You Know?
Drying is one of the least exact ways to preserve foods. The length of drying time will depend on the equipment used and the humidity of the air. In the past, recommendations for preparing fruit leather from both fresh and cooked fruit have been given. However, because of increasing concerns with bacteria such as Escherichia coli O157:H7 (E. coli O157:H7) being able to survive the
drying process if present, it’s best to heat the fruit to 160°F before drying. Preheating
also stops the maturing action of enzymes in the fruit, helps preserve the fruit’s natural color and speeds the drying process. FREE Recipes