Vine Drying

Vine drying is another method to dry food outdoors. This method is  usually used to dry beans (kidney, navy, lima, soybeans, lentils etc.)

It is very easy, no pretreatment is necessary, just  leave bean pods on the vine in the garden until the beans inside rattle.

When they are dry and shriveled, pick the beans and shell them. If some of them are still moist, the drying is not complete. Drying can be completed in the sun, oven or food dehydrator. 

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Did You Know?
One of the oldest methods of food preservation is by drying, which reduces water activity sufficiently to prevent or delay bacterial growth.

Bacteria and micro-organisms within the food and from the air need the water in the food to grow. Drying effectively prevents them from surviving in the food. It also creates a hard outer-layer, helping to stop micro-organisms from entering the food.

The drying process is simply not as precise as canning and freezing because it involves so many different factors.

Drying also reduces weight, making food more portable. FREE Recipes