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Anally -- occurring yearly 
Anti-Body -- against everyone 
Artery -- study of paintings 
Bacteria -- back door of cafeteria 
Barium -- what doctors do when treatment fails 
Benign -- what you be after you be eight
Bowel -- letter like A.E.I.O.U 
Caesarian section -- district in Rome 
Cardiology -- study of poker playing 
Cat scan -- searching for kitty 
Cauterize -made eye contact with her 
Colic -- sheep dog 
Coma -- a punctuation mark
Conflict - When a fortune cookie contradict your horoscope
Congenital -- friendly 
D&C -- where Washington is 
Diarrhea -- journal of daily events 
Dilate -- to live long 
Enema -- not a friend 
Fester -- quicker 
Fibula -- a small lie 
Genes -- blue denim slacks 
Genital -- non-Jewish 
G.I. Series -- soldiers' ball game 
Grippe -- suitcase 
Hangnail -- coat hook 
Hemorrhoid -- a male From outer space 
Herpes -- what women do in the Ladies Room 
Hormones -- what a prostitute does when she doesn't get paid 
Impotent -- distinguished, well known 
Inpatient -- tired of waiting 
Intense pain -- torture in a teepee
Labour pain -- got hurt at work
Medical staff -- doctor's cane 
Minor Operation -- coal digging 
Morbid -- higher offer 
Nitrate -- cheaper than day rate 
Node -- was aware of 
Outpatient -- person who had fainted 
Pap smear -- fatherhood test 
Paralyze -- Two far-fetched stories 
Paramedics -- Twin medicos 
Pharmacist -- person who makes a living dealing in agriculture 
Pelvis -- cousin of Elvis 
Post operative -- letter carrier 
Protein -- favoring young people 
Rectum -- damn near killed 'em 
Recovery room -- place to do upholstery 
Rheumatic -- amorous
Saline -- where you go on your boyfriend's boat 
Scar -- rolled tobacco leaf 
Secretion -- hiding anything 
Seizure -- Roman emperor 
Serology -- study of knighthood 
Staff -- a doctor's cane 
Terminal illness -- sickness at airport 
Tibia -- country in North Africa 
Tumor -- an extra pair
Urine -- opposite of you're out
Varicose -- located nearby 
Vein -- conceited 



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Her exalted rank did not give Queen Victoria immunity from the trials of a grandmother.

One of her grandsons, whose recklessness in spending money provoked her strong disapproval, wrote to the Queen reminding her of his approaching birthday and delicately suggesting that money would be the most acceptable gift. In her own hand she answered, sternly reproving the youth for the sin of extravagance and urging upon him the practise of economy.

His reply staggered her:
"Dear Grandma," it ran, "thank you for your kind letter of advice. I have sold the same for five pounds."

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The blonde had dropped in to see her friend, the great animal painter, put the finishing touches on his latest painting.

She was totally mystified, however, when the painter took some raw meat and rubbed it vigorously over the painted rabbit in the foreground.

"Why on earth did you do that?" she asked.

"Why you see," explained painter, "Mrs. Money is coming to see this picture today. When she sees her pet poodle smell that rabbit, and get excited over it, she'll buy it on the spot."
On Kids Way
An old lion-hunter entertained a dinner party of distinguished authors. These discoursed largely during the meal, and bored one another and more especially their blonde host, who was not literary. To wake herself up, the host excused herself from the table with a vague murmur about opening a window, and went out into the hall. She found a servant sound asleep in a chair. She shook the fellow, and exclaimed angrily:

"Wake up! You've been listening at the keyhole."