Incredible Blonde Humor


When famous sport pilot, author of many training books for sport pilots was in this country not long ago, he was spending a week-end at a country home. He tells the following story of an incident that was very amusing to him.

"The first night that I arrived, a dinner party was given. Feeling very enthusiastic over the recent flights, I began to tell the young blonde woman who was my partner at the table of some of the details of the aviation sport.

"It was not until the dessert was brought on that I realized that I had been doing all the talking; indeed, the young woman just seated there and had not uttered a single word since I first began talking about aviation. Perhaps she was not interested in the subject, I thought, although to an enthusiast like me it seemed quite incredible.

"'I am afraid I have been boring you with this shop talk," I said, feeling as if I should apologize.

"'Oh, not at all,' she murmured, in very polite tones; 'but would you mind telling me, what is aviation?'"

Safety First

Kids safety practice from blonde: "My kids are not alowed to enter the water, until they learn how to swim."

Spoiled Test

A blonde horse-owner from Scotland was training her new horse to live without eating. She was successful in reducing the feed to a straw a day, and was about to cut this off when the animal spoiled the test by dying untimely.

Did you hear about blonde who on receiving a book from famous author wrote in acknowledgment of the gift: "I shall lose no time in reading it."



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When blonde, was asked to what sort of wine she preferred. Her reply was: "That of other people."

Chicken Talk

When a brunette came to blonde for the loan of a rope, the request was refused with the excuse that blonde's only piece had been used to tie up flour. "But it is impossible to tie up flour with a rope," was the protest from the brunette. Blonde answered: "I can tie up anything with a rope when I do not wish to lend it."

Wedding & Marriage Humor

Did you hear about blonde, who posed all day in front of the mirror with her eyes closed, in order to learn how she looked when asleep?