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NASA's Top New Discovery - Evidence of Subsurface Water on Mars - The lack of exposures at the surface indicates the preferential dissolution of ferric sulfates must be a relatively recent and ongoing process since wind has been systematically stripping soil and altering landscapes in the region Spirit has been examining," said Ray Arvidson of Washington University in St. Louis, deputy principal investigator for the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit - During hibernation, the rover suspends communications and other activities so available energy can be used to recharge and heat batteries, and to keep the mission clock running.

Mangroves Forests Safeguard Lives - We knew that mangroves are extremely precious as a robust habitat, refuge and food source for hundreds of wildlife species as well as for humans. And they store a disproportionately greater amount of terrestrial carbon than a lot of other ecosystems. They’re clearly an important ecosystem when it comes to biodiversity. But no one has systematically assessed the forests as disaster protection with hard data at a broader scale.

Vitamin D and Mental Agility in Elders - Cognitive function is measured by the level at which the brain is able to manage and use available information for activities of daily life. Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of age-related dementia, affects about 47 percent of adults aged 85 years or older in the United States. Identifying nutritional factors that lower cognitive dysfunction and help preserve independent living provides economic and public health benefits, according to authors.

Pumpkin Carving - Amazing Work of Art by Ray Villafane - Ray's hobby of pumpkin sculpting was brought to an entirely new level when he was contacted by High Noon Entertainment and asked to participate in the Food Network's Challenge Show for Extreme Pumpkins in 2007. Ray competed against 3 other professional pumpkin sculptors and swept all three rounds taking home the grand prize.

Villafane PumpkinRay Villafane Pumpkin
Frankenstein Pumpkin

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