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Sports & Outdoors Guide

If you're a serious sport and outdoor lover and traveler, you'll appreciate this guide.

Adventures - Find information about challenging expeditions through some of the most remote and beautiful areas of the world...

Hunting Guide - Good hunting requires a great deal of pre-planning and patience, and while this info is trying to touch some of the most important issues, there are certainly more that should be considered...

Basic Hunting Tips - Hunting is very exciting, but it can also be extremely dangerous and even deadly if hunters are not educated and religiously exercise good hunting safety techniques.

Basic Firearms Safety TipsMaintain constant control over your firearm...

Hunting Dogs - Hunting dogs are sure the most effective possible ally of the hunter, as they sniffle and scavenge for prey in the deepest and gloomiest brush of the forest. In that respect you should explore various possibilities for a hunting dog type that you can take on your next hunting trip.

Hunting Dogs - Puppy Selection Part 1 - No doubt, selection of the right pup to meet one's particular expectations is extremely important. Making a correct choice can improve the odds of producing an excellent retriever with the least amount of frustration and perhaps even avoid disappointment.

Hunting Dogs - Puppy Selection Part 2 - The breeder should provide you with health records, pedigree, registration certificates and instructions as to diet. Initially don't risk immediate changes in the pup's diet. If you desire using an alternative feed, slowly make the transition and be sure to keep inoculations on schedule.

Light Goose Decoying Strategies - Any combination of full bodies, shells, silhouettes, wind socks and rags will work for light geese.

Snow Goose Hunting Tips - Hide all signs of human activity, including tire tracks, candy wrappers and any other non-natural items...

Story: How I Killed A Bear - I was in the midst of this tale when I happened to look some rods away to the other edge of the clearing, and there was a bear!

Natural Resources & Wildlife U.S. - Browse fish & game related sites in U.S.

Buy Hunting Gear - Great selection, good prices...

Biking Info & Resources - Biking is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who knows how to ride a bike. Compared to other sports, bike ride does present some danger. Therefore, you should master basic biking skills before you hit the road or trails.

Bird Watching -
This website is designed to provide a starting point for amateurs and professionals interested in learning about bird families, both familiar and strange.

Boating Tips, Safety & Info -
Most new boaters go to sea without prior knowledge of the cruising lifestyle and its demands. This can result in conditions ranging from the merely inefficient to the truly tragic.

Boating Links & Info -
Info and links to some of the best boating web sites.

Camping Guide -
Information about camping that's adventurous and active, yet still relaxing.

Camping Canada - Find information about camping in Canada.

Camping U.S. - Information about camping in United States.

Caving Guide -
The perfect place to start if you are interested in speleology and caving...

Climbing Guide -
Useful resource for climbers.

Dog Sledding Info and Resources -
The relationship between sled dogs and humans is one of the oldest bonds of its kind.

Fishing Guide - Great information about fishing. It cover all aspects of fishing and related info...

Fishing Canada -
A comprehensive guide to fishing in Canada...

Fishing United States -
Information about the fishing in United States...

Fishing Down Under -
Experience some of the most spectacular fishing opportunities in the world...

Fishing Guide Europe - Learn what you need to know about
fishing in Europe...

Golf Guide - Information for golfers with golf tips, golf course listings, travel, golf links, great golf humor, and related information...

Hiking Guide -
Great information on hiking and walking, hiking and walking vacations and gear.

Sports and Outdoors Canada - Discover wonderfull Canadian sports and outdoors...

Ski Advisory -
Great resource for ski information...

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