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African Airlines

Cheap Africa Kenya Flights - Tickets, Airlines & Kenya Airports

Africa Kenya Cheap flight tickets & airlines. Nairobi Kenya airport is served by many cheap & Budget airlines from Africa. On transit to Kenya from South Africa, West or East Africa, get cheap round the world (rtw) plane tickets to Nairobi. Nairobi Kenya airport is served by many airlines like British airways, SN Brussels airlines, emirates, gulf air, Kenya airways etc.


Most international flights to and from Nairobi are handled by Jomo Kenyatta International airport, 15km southeast of the Nairobi city. By African standards it's a pretty well-organised place, with two international terminals, a smaller domestic terminal and an incredible number of shops offering duty free and expensive souvenirs, snacks and internet access. You can walk easily between the terminals.

Some flights between Nairobi and Kilimanjaro International Airport or Mwanza in Tanzania, as well as many domestic flights use Wilson airport which is about 6km south of the city centre on Langata Rd. The other arrival point into the country is the Moi International airport in Mombasa, 9km west of the Mombasa city centre, but apart from flights to Zanzibar this is mainly used by charter airlines and domestic flights.

Kenya airways are the main national airline and has a generally good safety record with only one fatal accident since 1977. The following are airlines flying to and from Kenya.

• African express airlines • Air India • Air Malawi • Air Mauritius • Air Madagascar • Air Zimbabwe • Ai Kenya • British Airways • Daalo Airlines • Egypt Air • Emirates Airline • Ethiopian Airlines • Gulf air • Jetlink Express • Kenya Airways • KLM Airlines • Oman air • Precision Air • Qatar Airways • Rwandair • Safari Link Aviation • SN Brussels Airlines • South African Airways • Swiss International Airlines

Airline/ Flight Tickets to Kenya

If you enter Nairobi with no onward or return ticket you may run foul of immigration and be forced to buy one on the spot-an expensive exercise. Note that you can't get a standby flight to Kenya unless you're an airline employee. The airport departure tax for international flights is included inn the cost of your plane ticket.

Intercontinental (RTW) tickets to Kenya

Discount round-the-world (RTW) tickets are a tempting option if you want to include Kenya on a longer journey, but the most common African stop is Johannesburg-if you're coming from Europe, any ticket that includes Nairobi is usually much more expensive. If you're coming from Australia or New Zealand the difference may not be so great, but it's still often cheaper to buy an RTW or Australia-Europe Ticket, stop over in Johannesburg and then buy a ticket on to Nairobi from there.

Either way you may have to go through several travel agents before you find someone who can put a good deal together. The following are online agents for RTW tickets: www.airtreks.com www.bootsnall.com www.roundtheworldflights.com www.travelbag.com www.thetravelleruk.com

Flights to Nairobi Kenya from all Africa

Nairobi is a major African hub and there are good connections to most regions of Africa-Kenya airways and the relevant national airlines serve everywhere from Abidjan to Yaoundé at least a few times a week, with the most frequent routes serving East and West Africa.

Flights to Nairobi Kenya from Tanzania and Uganda

Kenya airways and precision Air offer frequent flights from Dar-es-salaam and Zanzibar to Nairobi and Mombasa, and have been so successful that Air Tanzania suspended its competing flights on the Dar-Nairobi route in 2005. If you book in advance its can be cheaper to fly to Mombasa with precision air then connect to Nairobi with a domestic KQ flight., rather than taking a direct flight to the capital.

Several airlines fly to Nairobi daily from the Kilimanjaro International Airport near Moshi, including Air Kenya, Ethiopian Airlines and precision air, which also have flights from Mwanza on Lake Victoria. Kenya airways are also the principal carrier flying between Nairobi and Entebbe (34 km south of Kampala).

Flights to Nairobi Kenya from South Africa

Kenya airways have regular flights from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The only direct flights from South Africa to Kenya come from Johannesburg; Kenya Airways and South African airways (SAA) both have daily flights on this route.

RenniesTravel.com has offices throughout southern Africa. Check their website for branch locations. Flight centers in cape town and Worldwide Adventure Travel in Victoria falls are partners of flight centers in Nairobi, and have years of experience in the budget travel business.

by Robert Muhoho

Robert Muhoho is a travel expert with Landmarksafaris.com. Degreed in tourism management, he has authored more than 1000 articles on Kenya East Africa Beach travel. Get hooked up with interesting safari travelogues here: http://www.landmarksafaris.com/planner
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