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Central America - Parks

Costa Rica National Parks - If you like to be surrounded by natural beauty, Costa Rica is an ideal destination for your vocation. With 161 parks and refuges (25 national parks, 8 biological reserves, 32 protected zones, 11 forest reserves, 58 wildlife refuges, 15 wetlands/mangroves and 12 other categories), Costa Rica offers visitors countless opportunities to explore and enjoy beautiful and unique nature of this wonderful area.

Belize National Parks & Reserves -  Belize offers visitors one of the most precious natural resources - a paradise for botanists, ornithologists, mammalogists, ichthyologists and zoologists. Come and enjoy the adventures of Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret.

Panama National Parks - There are 14 Panama National Parks, as well as approximately 16 Panama Wildlife Refuges and Panama Reserves. The 14 National Parks encompass approximately 3.5 million acres of rainforest, jungles, mountain ranges, marine areas, beaches and desert landscapes, which cover around 22% of the surface area of the country. These areas are the habitat of almost 1,000 species of birds, as well as 220 mammals and 354 reptiles and amphibians.

National Parks in Panama - Panama has made an effort to protect its natural resources with 29% of all land set aside for conservation, 25% of this land is designated as national parks, this is around 5 million acres.

Explore Panama National Parks - For such a small country, Panama has an abundance of National Parks, 16 in all, each one with its own special attributes and their incredible diversity makes Panama a wonderful destination for ecotourism which is still in its infancy here. There is cloud forest and rainforest as well as desert and ocean to explore.

National Parks in Honduras - Honduras is fast becoming one of the world's great ecotourism destinations. Sparsely populated, much of Honduras is wilderness, home to fantastic biodiversity.

Fucahua - National Parks of Trujillo - Trujillo is blessed to be surrounded by two national parks both of which are relatively accesible due to their location close to town. Parque Nacional Capiro - Calentura (National Park) and Reserva de Vida Silvestre Laguna Guaimoreto (Wildlife Preserve) are part of the system of 68 protected areas that the Honduran government has set up within the last ten years. These parks are home to a myriad of different species of plants and animals many of which are rare or endangered. Both parks in Trujillo are unique examples of quickly vanishing ecosistems and are well worth a visit.
Nicaragua National Parks & Protected Areas - Nicaragua possesses a system of Protected Areas that shelters a wide range of ecosystems that includes thousands of flora and fauna species.

Mombacho Cloudforest, Nicaragua -One of Nicaragua's most important cloudforests drapes the slopes of the inactive Mombacho Volcano, southwest of the capital city of Managua and near the shores of Lake Nicaragua, also known as Lake Cocibolca. Mombacho is a 2,500-acre reserve, surrounded by coffee plantations and small farms. The park has an amazing variety of orchids and birds and is home to howler monkeys, along with the Mombacho Salamander and Mombacho butterfly, two species found nowhere else on Earth.

Nicaragua Nature Reserves, Parks and Wildlife Refuges - Nicaragua has 78 nature reserves that cover more than 21,000 km2

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