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Art Hole - An interesting virtual gallery space that features many different types of Internet art...

Art Crimes - A graffiti art gallery, features wall art from the U.S. and the Czech Republic. These elaborate, spraypainted pieces are fresh off the street and shockingly good. See guerrilla art worth being arrested for. 

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World Wide Arts Resources - This interactive arts gateway will give you access to artists, museums, galleries, high quality art, art history, arts education, performing arts, antiques, classified ads, resume postings, arts chats, arts forums and much more.
The Galleries - Entry point to the online exhibitions
The Electric Gallery - This virtual electronic art gallery on the Web, has a new look, with new paintings. It contains a large collection of original primitive and naive art. 
4D Art Gallery - Features worlds of art that you can transport to. Definately a fun site featuring works by various artists. 
Art Expression - Online art gallery offering both open and limited edition graphics by very well known artists. 
Wentworth Gallery - Specializes in providing a wide selection of original oil paintings, limited edition serigraphs, lithographs and sculptures from artists around the world.
Sister Wendy's 1000 Masterpieces - by Wendy Beckett, Patricia Wright 
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Sister Wendy Beckett writes about art in a style that is idiosyncratic, fresh and perceptive. In 1000 Masterpieces, she applies her unique intensity to what most inspires her in the artist's work as well as to the essential life events that shaped the work. Arranged alphabetically by artist, each work receives a full page of attention. 

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