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Castle Marusevec was built in the 14th century by Austrian ancestors. Today this beautiful castle continues to serve the region with its high cultural significance and touristic value. 
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Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered Country by Tony Fabijancic
There is, in old Croatia, an undiscovered country that is passing away, a world of peasants, shepherds and fishermen irrevocably surrendering before the reality of a modern European state. When Tony Fabijancic travelled to Croatia he was returning to his own undiscovered country. With the tongue of a native but the eyes of an outsider, he journeyed the old country of his father. In fine style, he transports the reader to the Adriatic in the summer: the blast of heat, the smell of dust, the bountiful kitchen gardens, and the impromptu ritual of sljivovica at outdoor tables. Most of all, we are introduced to rural men and women who, along with their hospitality, openly share their views on their lot in the new Croatia. Written with sensitivity and balance, Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered Country is smart, literate, travel writing that takes us to the heart of a fascinating land.
Footprint Croatia 
by Jane Foster
Drawn by Croatia's dramatic landscape of rugged mountains, clear blue sea, and historic Venetian towns along the coast, the number of visitors to this fascinating European country continues to increase. This new edition covers Zagreb and inland Croatia, Istria, Kvarner, and North, Central, and South Dalmatia. It provides practical information on where to stay, from hotels and pensions to "Robinson Crusoe" accommodations on uninhabited islands and newly restored lighthouses. Author Jane Foster, a resident of Croatia for more than five years, offers an insider's advice on sailing the Croatian coast -- the best way to see it -- with its beautiful bays and islands. She covers Croatian treasures such as Dubrovnik and Split, as well as the best beaches (including naturist spots) and water sports centers. 


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Croatian Castles & Manors

Castle of Pejacevic Family -
Croatian Historical Jewels
Continental Croatia, especially its North, is full of historical heritage and scenery. A lot of beautiful and fascinating castles and manors that once belonged to rich families, are spread all over Croatia, most of which are located in Hrvatsko Zagorje, for example: the Trakoscan Castle, Veliki Tabor, Mali Tabor, Miljana, Bezanec, Klenovnik and more. Croatian Castles Virtual Tour
In Slavonia the two castles of distinctive beauty are the lordly mansion of the Pejacevic family in Nasice and the elegant chateau of the noble Eltz family in Vukovar. Regretfully, the Eltz Castle in Vukovar was badly damaged during the war. A number of citadels and strongholds devastated by past centuries can often be seen on strategic elevations throughout the country. There are also a number of fairly well preserved fortification clusters at: Ston, Hvar, Kaptol (Colegiate Chapter) in Zagreb, "Zvijezda" in Karlovac and "Tvrdja" in Osijek, the old town in Ilok.
Bosiljevo is medieval fortified castle, renovated in the last century in the spirit of the Romanesque. The first owners of Bosiljevo Castle were the Krcki-Frankopan family. After the Zrinjski-Frankopan conspiracy was discovered and Fran Krsto Frankopan beheaded in 1671, the Bosiljevo estate had more owners, but it was often plundered and devastated. After the 2nd World War some unsuccessful attempts were made to give the castle its former importance and appearance but today it stands empty, half ruined, and used for tourist purposes.
The manor Miljana was built and developed by the counts Ratkay from the beginning of 17th century until the end of 18th century.
The elegant chateau of the noble Eltz family in Vukovar. Regretfully, the Eltz Castle in Vukovar was badly damaged during the war. 
Castle Donji Miholjac with its turrets, high windows and the steepness of its tall roof remind us of English medivial castles.
Veliki Tabor - The 15th century fortified castle Veliki Tabor is ranked by UNESCO into the highest category of monuments. Hight of 334 meters above sea level enables full insolation and freshness of atmosphere, while the thick walls store confortable cool in summer months. Find more
The Trakoscan Castle (Dvorac Trakoscan)
Trakoscan was built in the 13th c. within Croatia's northwestern fortification system, as a rather small observation fortress for monitoring the road from Ptuj to Bednja Valley. It is located on a landscaped hill above the lake. This romantic castle attracts numerous tourists. Find more
Veliki Tabor Society - Today the museum-gallery ownership of Veliki Tabor Society has reached an impressive 2000 paintings that are currently exhibited, there are over 1000 aquarel, graphics and plastics. 
There is a yearly opening of 4-6 exhibits and 2-3 artist colonies witch have educational meaning. All exhibits are followed by concerts of choirs, orchestras, soloist and readings…
Originally built by the Count of Keglevic in the 17th century, Bezanec castle was subsequently owned by the Barons of Kollenbach, Schlaum-Linden and Ottenfels-Geschwind. Due to its architectural features, landscapes garden, and its proximity to Zagreb, Bezanec Castle is one of the finest, privately owned stately homes in Croatia. More info...
In 1990 Bezanec Castle was renovated and converted into an exclusive privately owned Country House Hotel. 
Zagorje Castles - Croatia - Castle Stubicki Golubovec, Castle Orsic, and Castle Oroslavje Donje.
Gorica Castle - Pregrada - The castle was built more than 400 years ago. The architecture of the castle represents a transition between a medieval fortress and a later-day castle...
Ruins of Castle Kostel
The beautiful medieval fortified manor Klenovnik was a gift from Bela IV to the Varazdin prefect Mihalj in 1244. The new Baroque manor was rebuilt by the Counts Draskovic in 1616 with three rows of arcades and a chapel. The manor was adapted and added on to, and in 1927, turned into a nice health centre.
HRT - Castles - Photo Album - Postcards
Bakar Castle - The Castle can be dated back to the 16th century.
Castles and Manors of Croatia
Medvedgrad - Medvednica - This medieval town is situated in the southwestern part of the Medvednica above the western part of Zagreb. It was built for Zagreb's bishops Philip and Timothy in the 13th century.
Castles and Fortifications - Hrvatsko Zagorje is distinguished by more than fifty castles, some of them complemented by their own parks. In terms of the number of such cultural landmarks, this is one of the richest regions in the whole Croatia.
The old town of Varazdin was first mentioned in documents in 1181. During its rich and turbulent history, Varazdin reached its peak when it become the capital of the Province of Croatia (from 1767 to the great fire of 1776).
Diocletian's Palace - At the end of the third century AD, the Roman Emperor Diocletian built his palace on the bay of Aspalathos. Here, after abdicating on the first of May in A.D. 305, he spent the last years of his life.
Dubrovnik Monuments - Dubrovnik City Walls, Fountains, Palace Sponza, Franciscan Monastery and more
Castle of Pejacevic Family -
In continental Croatia you will find many beautiful and fascinating castles, summer residences, and chapels that once belonged to rich families, one of them is Castle of Pejacevic Family, Nasice.
A fortification built to defend the region against the Turks. The Baroque ambience of its main square has been well preserved in the column of the Holy Trinity, the headquarters palace and numerous barracks.
Croatia the country of thousand islands

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