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Dubrovnik Calendar 2012

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This user friendly internet guide contains information about beautiful Croatia.

Croatian Islands

Croatia: The Country of a Thousand Islands

Yes, Croatia has an impressive over 1000 islands, reefs and cliffs. However, it is not their number but their astonishing beauty that makes them worth special mention. Only 66 islands are inhabited, but there are more than 66 good reasons for ultimate joy and delight waiting for you in Croatia.

Island Dugi Otok Croatia
Island Hvar Croatia
Islands - Natural Beauty of Croatia
Brodarica Croatia
Lighthouse Islet Croatia

From the Brijuni archipelago and its rich history and verdure discreetly rising from the azure of the North Adriatic, across Cres and its inexplicable fresh-water lake, or the fascinating sandy island of Susak, the wine-growing Krk and the neighbouring Losinj, the island covered with centenary pine-groves to the golden beaches of Rab... and on to Pag, where whiteness of the rocks along its bare shores takes turns with the green pine woods.

We also have to mention the Kornati Islands, the largest archipelago in the Mediterranean and most of these islands (101) and the sea around them form the National Park of Kornati. The superb beauty of the islands of Dugi Otok, Brac, Hvar, Vis and Korcula all the way down to the southernmost Island Mljet situated between the Island Korcula and beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Western end of Island Mljet has been declared a national park due to the specific geographical features: there are two lakes connected to the sea and to each other by scarcely visible passages and there is an island within an island in the Veliko Jezero which has been converted into a hotel.

The last pearls in this wonderful string are Elaphite Islands (seven islands). Croatian islands are a genuine gift of God; a gift that Croatian people open-heartedly offer to their guests and friends for ultimate joy and delight. Only a few islands have been named here and, like we said, there are over a thousand...

Brijuni - The Brijuni islands stretch along the south-west coast of the Istrian peninsula; they are separated from the Istrian mainland by the Fazana Channel which is 3 kilometers wide.

Dugi Otok - Spend holiday in a lighthouse made of 100,000 egg whites! One of the special offers of the Zadar archipelago includes holidays in the 41-metre-tall lighthouse located at Veli Rat on Dugi Otok, Croatia.

The Island of Losinj - Long known as a health resort, Losinj is a beautiful island with sub-tropical vegetation, forested with tall pines and exceptionally mild climate.

Island of Krk -  This is the island for you! So close, so accessible, and yet so miraculous, and mysterious. This is a small seventh continent for you, choc-a-bloc with lovely historical tales, marvelous landscapes and likable, natural people.

The Island of Rab - The island of Rab is part of archipelago which is locate in the Kvarner Bay of Adriatic Sea in the northern part of Croatia. Beside the little town with the same name as the Island there are seven other idyllic places which are situated in different corners of the island. Also called island of romance, fantasy and dreaming, Rab is a beautiful island with Romanesque belfries, lovely beaches, pine forests and medieval architecture.

Island Brac - Island Brac with it's Vidova mountain is the highest island in Adriatic area. On this mountain was during World War II killed son of Winston Churchill while helping local soldiers. With length of 40 km and width of 13 km Brac is the third biggest islands on Croatian coast. Island itself is settled for some centuries and were even found some remaining of primitive man in cave Kopacina. The coast of the island is long 175 km.

Visit Island Korcula - Birthplace of Marco Polo and the greenest, most independent and most interesting of Croatia's 1,000 or so islands! Korcula was a favorite Greek holiday spot over 2,000 years ago. Very much a law unto itself - as you might expect from a community that resisted the sieges of centuries - Korcula town is a mini-fortress enclosed with honey-coloured stone walls that contain hidden treasures, from icons to Tiepolos, as well as architectural delights in every narrow, cobbled street.

Kornati - "On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath." (George Bernard Shaw).

Hvar Awaits You! - When we think of Hvar - we think about the island of heather, sunshine and crickets, the island of lavender, sage and wine and the island of rosemary and secluded coves. Attractive in the summer just as in the winter, with pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich vegetation of palms, aloes, pine trees, laurel, rosemary and lavender and peaceful coves and islets filled with a multitude of pleasant scents.

Island of Mljet - Mljet is an elongated island, with an average width of 3 km, 37 km long. It is an Island of great diversity and contrast, and "Mljet" National Park covers his northwestern part with an area of 5.375 ha of protected land and surrounding sea. This area was proclaimed as national park 11 November 1960 and represents the first institutionalized attempt to protect an original ecosystem in the Adriatic.

Discover Beautiful Croatia - Visit Croatia and you will never forget the unforgettable natural beauty of the place where the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonian plain come together.

Croatian National Parks - Of the eight national parks, four are in the mountain regions (Risnjak, Paklenica, Velebit and the Plitvice Lakes) and four are in the coastal area (Kornati, Mljet, Brijuni and Krka).

Croatian Nature Parks & Strict Reserves - Croatia can pride itself on its unpolluted environment and abundant plant and animal life outside the areas under protection.

Croatian Adriatic Coast - The Jewel of the Mediterranean - Long beaches, the rocks reflected in the sea, a pleasant rest away from the pressure of a business, the bustle of the big city and a total escape from the drudgery of everyday life. The rugged coast of the Croatian Adriatic is perfect for nautical tourism. Croatia has been described as the vacation and a sailing boat paradise.

Croatian City Guide - The other dimension of Croatia is the urban culture: towns are more numerous here than in any other part of Southeastern Europe.

Croatian Accommodations Info - Croatia offers great accommodations for business and pleasure. After all, tourism in the modern sense began in Croatia in the 19th century.

Croatian Government - Croatia is a multiparty parliamentary republic. Capital city is Zagreb, the economic, traffic, cultural and academic centre.

Visit Zagreb - Croatian gorgeous capital city has been a focal point of culture and science, and now this charming city is the hub of the business, academic, cultural, artistic and sporting worlds in Croatia.

Croatian Gastronomy & Related Info - Traditional Croatian cuisine is represented by a full table of high quality specialties. Variety of quality food is huge and every town, not to mention that every region has it's own local specialties.

Useful Info About Croatia - Important info for travelers to Croatia.

Croatia Phone Numbers - Important phone numbers in Croatia.

Croatia - Photo Gallery - Click here to see images and virtual tours of Croatia.

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