Castles in Zagorje

Medvjednica mountain near Zagreb
And this is how Zagorje looks, lots of hills, lots of green colors.
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Lime-tree (Lipa) and the church in Gornja Stubica, near to castle Orsic

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The tree should be old about.. 400 years, according to a story/legend - The big peasant rebellion in 1572 against aristocracy which exploited them should have started at this place - under this tree.The leader was Matija Gubec, and that's how it's called today - Gubec's lime / Gupceva lipa. The rebellion was (brutally) pushed down, and Matija Gubec was executed.(and became a hero too)

Oroslavje Donje

When i arrived there, it was a sad picture. No sun, and an almost ruined, empty, abandoned castle. Although, at the "hidden", back side, there were some people who seemed to be living there.
Later, when the sun came back, and it was bright again, and some kids came playing, the atmosphere quickly changed.
The castle has two other parts, on the left and on the right, which can not be seen on the pics.

Info and pictures from page Through the summer in Zagorje (and further)