Stubicki Golubovec

The castle is situated in a forest, few minutes from the street which leads from Gornja Stubica to Donja Stubica. There is no table on the street that would make you pay your attention to it. So you could say, it is kind of hidden in the forest, and you can't really see it by chance... The castle is in use, by "Kajkaviana", kind of cultural institution which takes care of cultural inheritance of kaikavian regions (kajkavian is a croatian dialect / originally one of three parts of the croatian language, and is spoken in the northern parts of Croatia).

The forest around it is kind of "wildlife park", without wild animals, but the plants and the trees and other animals are protected. Although, the forest right around it is more a mixture of "well-tended" park and free forest and that looks kind of... very inspiring.

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