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That's Entertainment! (1974) VHS
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This star-studded tribute to the lavish musicals produced by MGM commemorates the studio's 50th anniversary. The film includes brilliant and breathtaking numbers by Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Cyd Charisse, Donald O'Connor, Frank Sinatra and more. 
Robin and the Seven Hoods (1964)
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Mob-ruled 1928 Chicago's not big enough for the rat-a-tat comedy and songs of this popular favorite about the do-gooder gangsters who fleece the rich and give to the poor as a front for their "not-so-legal" activities. AcademyAwardNominations: 2, including Best Song ("My Kind of Town"), Best (Adapted) Score. 
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Many Faces of 
Frank Sinatra
With Sinatra dead and the world focusing on his so called Mafia ties, people are losing track of what's most important about him: his music, and his natural grace on screen.This excellent
documentary tells the story of the life of the man who entertained us for over 60 years, as an actor &  singer, and it does a wonderful job of showing him at work.Nobody could sing "My Way" the way Sinatra did. (Sid Vicious came closest). 
Highly recommended for fans of the late great one, who want to see him for the great performer he was, and not for the dirt they can dish. 
Assault on a Queen (1966) VHS
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Deep sea diver Mark Brittain is hired to find a sunken treasure ship in the Bahamas but discovers a disabled German submarine instead. The people who employed Mark decide to restore the sub and use it to hold up the Queen Mary by threatening to torpedo the ship. The bickering personalities involved, however, make a tension-filled adventure even more suspenseful. 
Frank Sinatra Books
Frank Sinatra the preeminent entertainer in show business.
Frank Sinatra's strength as a singer, his gift for connecting emotionally to his material, would serve him well throughout his film career. Nobody has been as big a hit to as many people for as long as Sinatra. His life was also studded with scandal and romance. He married four times and had many liaisons, too. 
And alongside the romantic history was the more boisterous one -drinking with members of the Rat Pack, brawls with journalists, and the association with the Mafia, often alleged but never proven.
Frank Sinatra's extensive creative accomplishments left his mark on American entertainment in this century. He has been a legend in many people's lifetimes. His long career saw success, followed by failure, followed by even greater triumph -- and the longest sequence of post-retirement comebacks in twentieth-century show-business history. He is simply one of the most enduring performers of our era. 
The Tender Trap (1955)
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Delightful romp of swinging bachelor Sinatra who stumbles into marriage with determined Debbie in N. Y. C. ; impeccable support from Holm and Wayne, plus memorable Cahn-Van Heusen title tune. Julius J. Epstein adapted Max Shulman's and Robert Paul Smith's play. 
Some Came Running (1958) VHS
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Slice-of-life drama, which takes place at the end of World War II. When an ex-soldier, who's also an aspiring writer, becomes intoxicated, he's sent back to his home in the midwest -- a place he'd hoped never to see again. He despises his brother and sister-in-law, and wants nothing to do with them; he does however, fall head-over-heels for an acquaintance of theirs. He enlists the help of a good friend to deal with the situation, but even there tragedy looms... 
Can-Can (1960) VHS
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"There is no trick, to a can can! It is so simple to do!" And it is so simple to fall in love with this wonderful video featuring some of Hollywood's biggest and best stars, Shirley McLane, Frank Sinatra, Maurice Chavaier, and Louis Jordan. This brilliant movie features wonderful songs like "I Love Paris," "Can Can," "It's All Right With Me," "C'est Magnifique," and many more, each more enchanting than the next, all put together by Cole Porter. From the wonderfully fun, upbeat dancing to the timeless songs, this movie is definatly worth seeing! 
Come Blow Your Horn (1963) VHS
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Frank Sinatra spends most of his time in Come Blow Your Horn looking like he's waiting for director Bud Yorkin to infuse some inspiration into the film. Sinatra doesn't get his wish, but he works like an old pro in this Neil Simon comedy about a playboy getting pressure from his conservative, Jewish father (Lee J. Cobb) while simultaneously feeling threatened by the man on-the-make moves of his competitive younger brother
(Tony Bill).
Lady in Cement (1968)VHS
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Sequel to TONY ROME finds Sinatra discovering nude corpse with feet encased in cement. Typical private-eye hokum, with heavy doses of violence, leering sex.
From Here to Eternity (1953) VHS
Toned-down but still powerful adaptation of James Jones' novel of Army life in Hawaii just before Pearl Harbor. Depiction of Japanese sneak attack combines unforgettable action scenes with actual combat footage. Brilliantly acted by entire cast, including Sinatra in his ``comeback'' role as the ill-fated soldier Maggio. Eight Oscars include Best Picture, Director, Screenplay (DanielTaradash), Cinematography (Burnett Guffey), and Supporting Actors Sinatra and Reed. Remade in 1979 as a TV mini-series, which in turn spun off a brief series.
Suddenly (1954) VHS
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Sinatra leads trio of paid assassins who take over house in small town where the President will pass on his way to a fishing trip. White-knuckle thriller, written by Richard Sale, with Sinatra excellent in thoroughly detestable role; rest of cast equally fine. ``Suddenly,'' incidentally, is the name of the town.
Young at Heart (1954) VHS
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Doris Day and Frank Sinatra star in this remake of the 1938 hit "Four Daughters." In this version, Gregory Tuttle has just three daughters, one of whom falls for a melancholy musician named Barney Sloan. But she's already betrothed to Alex Burke, the man who hired Barney to arrange the music for a musical comedy. That doesn't prevent Laurie and Barney from eloping. But his insecurity is so deep and so destructive it nearly costs them their happiness... and his life. Features a classic song score, performed by Day and Sinatra.
Kings Go Forth 
(1958) VHS
Set in 1944 in France, this film concerns the relationship between Sam, an American soldier, and Monique, a mixed-race American woman living in France with whom he has fallen in love. Monique in turn has set her sights on Britt, a rich playboy who's a new member of Sam's platoon. Both men, especially Britt, have difficulty accepting the fact that Monique's father was black. When Sam learns that Britt has told Monique he could never marry her because she isn't white, he resolves to kill Britt. Sam has an opportunity to carry out his resolution when he and Britt go on a mission together. 
Oceans 11 (1960) VHS
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A showcase for the tough-guy shenanigans of that glitzy showbiz gang known as the Rat Pack -Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, and, of course, Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. Booze flows and wisecracks fly when eleven army buddies are reunited; only this time they're not trading war stories. They're planning to rob five Las Vegas casinos of several million dollars--assuming they can steer clear of the big-time racketeer who's gotten wind of their scheme.
4 for Texas (1963) VHS
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A light-hearted Western about two con men who team up to open a gambling den. In the process they must battle a gunslinger and bad guy banker, but still find plenty of time to romance a couple of voluptuous frontier babes. 
The Man With the Golden Arm (1955)VHS
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A powerful drama which broached the subject of drug addiction in a stark and realistic manner.
May be mild by today's standards, but an excellent film for its day. Sinatra plays the addict, Parker his crippled wife. Based on the novel by Nelson Algren. Academy Award Nominations: 3, including Best Actor--Frank Sinatra. 
Not As A Stranger 
(1955) VHS
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A compelling melodrama about a doctor who marries a financially stable nurse when the doctor's alcoholic father blows all his money. Accused by his father of having a brain, but no heart, the doctor eventually learns the meaning of true love. 
Academy Award Nominations: Best Sound Recording. 
High Society (1956) VHS
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It's high comedy in high style!
They certainly don't make movies like this anymore....This is the "Hope Diamond" of movies. Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, songs of Cole Porter... what more could you ask for? 
Never So Few (1959) VHS
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A charismatic military leader, stationed in Burma during World War II, teams his British and
American soldiers with native Asian troops to repel the invading Japanese army. While dodging
bombs and bullets, the commander also finds time to romance the voluptuous paramour of an
enigmatic local businessman.
The Manchurian Candidate (1962) DVD
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A complex paranoid political horror story about a brainwashed American platoon and a decorated soldier programmed to assassinate political enemies. The former platoon commander must piece together the clues to discover the killer's identity, his next target, and who is behind this sinister plan. Seasoned cast delivers strong performances, with an uncharacteristically hard-bitten Sinatra, a maliciously identifiable Harvey, and a frighteningly overbearing Lansbury. Political juxtaposition and factual plausibility lend terrifying realism. Based on Richard Condon's harrowing novel.
Academy Award Nominations: Best Film Editing, Best Supporting Actress
Von Ryan's Express 
(1965) VHS
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Forget Indiana Jones. This 1965 high adventure stars Frank Sinatra as the leader of a mass escape from a World War II POW camp in Italy. That mission accomplished, Old Blue Eyes has sundry adventures camouflaging the freed men as German soldiers, trying to fool the Gestapo, and finally doing battle with enemy planes and ground troops while trying to get a hijacked train through a blocked tunnel. Sinatra is in great form and director Mark Robson handles the endless chain of action set-pieces with panache. A great pulse-quickener.
Academy Award Nominations: Best Sound Effects. 
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Frank Sinatra's extensive creative accomplishments left his mark on American entertainment in this century. He has been a legend in many people's lifetimes. His long career saw success, followed by failure, followed by even greater triumph -- and the longest sequence of post-retirement comebacks in twentieth-century show-business history. He is simply one of the most enduring performers of our era.