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Famous Authors Books Review: LaVyrle Spencer

LaVyrle Spencer has a way of reaching the average American woman -
that's why her books are so successful.

Years - Linnea Bradenborg expects to find culture and excitement in Alamo, North Dakota, where she's recently been hired as the new schoolteacher. Instead, she finds a sparse little town in the middle of nowhere. Better yet, her train is met by a cantankerous wheat farmer named Theodore Westgaard who doesn't bother to hide his displeasure when he discovers that L.I. Brandenborg is a woman and not the man he was expecting. Westgaard thinks twice about bringing Linnea home to live with him, but he soon realizes that he has no choice. All of the town's past schoolteachers have lived with the Westgaard family--made up of Theodore, his mother, and his teenaged son--due to their farm being located very near the schoolhouse, and so Theodore allows Linnea into his home. But who could have guessed that this young, independent woman would soon find her way into the handsome farmer's heart? A compelling classic to be read again and again, Years is a fitting tribute to the pioneer schoolteachers who braved many hardships to share the gift of knowledge with countless children.
masterful combination of page-turning suspense and classic mystery.

Morning Glory - Tall, dark and handsome Will Parker has served time for the killing of a Texas prostitute, but keeps losing jobs as his reputation becomes known. In the small town of Whitney, Ga., at the beginning of WW II, he answers the advertisement of a pregnant widow and mother of two, the abused and reclusive Eleanor Dinsmore, who is looking for a husband. Soon in love with ostensibly plain, bedraggled Ellie, Parker dotes on her two boys, and works to support the family. Fittingly for this sort of bucolic idyll, Will and Ellie, despite their rudimentary educations, love books and develop a special friendship with wise old Miss Beasley, the local librarian. Alas, brazen and rapacious Lula Peak, the town floozie, sets her sights on Will, waylaying him in the library; meantimes, Lula is blackmailing her lover, the cowardly Harley Overmire, who is no friend of Will. The clearly drawn characters fulfill their imperativesincluding Will, who becomes a war heroand all is neatly and pleasingly resolved.

The Endearment - This book covers it all. The characters come alive right before your eyes! Fiery-tempered beauty Anna Reardon had only one chance to escape the shameful street-urchin's life forever to become Karl Lindstrom's mail-order bride. Karl soon discovered Anna's true background, but there was one burning secret that Anna will never be able to reveal...

Forsaking All Others - Previously published as one of two stories in Jove's A Heart Speaks, Forsaking All Others now gets its own moment in the spotlight. This favorite of LaVyrle's tells the story of an up-and-coming photographer who is once bitten, twice shy in matters of the heart. Until a model with a heart of gold proves he can be trusted with the gift of her love.

Humingbird - An excellent period piece with humor, excitement & romance! Nursing two victims of a train robbery, Abigail finds  herself  torn between a gentleman who is in every way the man of her ideals and the bandit who has stolen her heart.

November of the Heart - The splendid New York Times bestseller! An evocative tale about a man and a woman born  into  radically different stations in life and who challenge the unwritten rules of Victorian society.

The Fulfillment - To Jonathan Gray, Mary is his loving wife of seven years. To his younger brother Aaron, she is a beloved friend -- until the tumultuous weekend when she awakens in Aaron's arms. Mary embraces the infidelity that can bring her the child she has longed for, the child her husband begged Aaron to give her.

Bitter Sweet - Recently widowed, Maggie Pearson Stearn returns home to start a new life, rekindling old friendships and finding joy by resuming a love affair with her high-school sweetheart. The story is beautifully told and the plot of this novel is predictable, but it is also a story that every woman can relate to either through the high school first lost love, losing and finding best friends again, a rocky mother daughter relation, a close father-daughter relationship, or a trying romantic relationship.

Sweet Memories - Theresa Brubaker's overly endowed form causes her much heartache and pain. Men either grope or gawk at her but few care about her. Then her brother Jeff brings his friend, Brian Scanlon, home on holiday leave and for the first time in her life, Theresa tastes the pleasure of love. But her past experiences remain stumbling blocks to their relationship. Brian treads lightly until Theresa makes a major decision that alters and tests their love. A delicate love story told with extraordinary understanding and talent.

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