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Famous Authors Books Review: LaVyrle Spencer

A well-loved author whose books inevitably hit best seller lists across the country.

Bygones - The New York Times bestselling author of Forgiving presents her most dramatic novel yet! A moving story of a family at the crossroads... where hope and heartache meet.  Bess Curran is shaken  from  her  very comfortable, independent, post-divorce life when her daughter becomes pregnant and plans a wedding in which she asks both parents to walk her down the aisle.

Home Song - Tom Gardner, devoted husband, father, and high school principal, and those who are dearest to him have their security and trust threatened, when Kent, the result of Tom's one-night stand with a fiercely independent woman, is transferred to his school.  A new student transfer to a stable, trusted principal's school brings instability and possible divorce into his life; for the student is his son, previously unknown to him, and his wife can't handle the news.

Small Town Girl - Follow the life of a young girl who aspires to become a big-time recording star. Through her extreme warmth, strength, savvy, and soft-heartedness, she overcomes adversity to fulfill her lifelong dream. LaVyrle Spencer chronicles the passionate awakening of a country music megastar. Eighteen years ago, Tess McPhail left Wintergreen, Missouri, for Nashville and never looked back. Now, at 35, after two decades of public adoration -- but no love life -- Tess comes home to care for her widowed mother, unprepared to handle what awaits her -- and her heart.

That Camden Summer - Fiercely independent Roberta is returning to her hometown of Camden, Maine, with her daughters in tow. Having just endured a scandalous divorce, Roberta only wants to settle down and create a decent life for herself and her children. Romance is the furthest thing from her mind, but when Gabe Farley enter her life Roberta soon learns to trust in love again. The endearing characters and pleasing plot to be found in That Camden Summer make for an excellent romance read.

Then Came Heaven - In today's hustle bustle world, it's hard to imagine that there really was a place where church was the social center of the community and people really did leave doors unlocked, and neighbors would come and go. A great novel of hope and salvation -- the author's last. Set during the 1950s in small town Minnesota, a young man is left with the challenge of raising his two daughters when his wife is killed in a tragic accident. The girls' teacher, a nun who has always been uncertain of her calling, offers her help to the grieving widower.

Family Blessings - From the bestselling author comes another powerfully affecting novel. Lee Reston, a 44-year-old widow who takes deep pleasure in her three children and satisfaction from the profitable florist business she has built, is stirred by emotions she never thought she would experience again when she falls in love with a younger man. 

3 Complete Novels: The Hellion / Separate Beds /Hummingbird - THE HELLION: Rachel is the pinnacle of elegance, social standing, and beauty--when the wildest, most passionate flame of her youth steps into her life again. Tommy Lee is the all-time hellraiser of Russellville, Alabama, with three marriages behind him and a string of fast cars and women. The townsfolk say he will never change. But Rachel knows differently. 
SEPARATE BEDS: Pressured to marry to avert a scandal, Clay Forrester and a very pregnant Catherine wed, but their seemingly fairytale marriage is anything but -- that is, until they fall in love. 
HUMMINGBIRD: Abigail McKenzie finds it difficult to choose between David and Jessie, the two men who were wounded in a train robbery and whom Abigail has been nursing back to health.

3 Complete Novels: Years, Twice Loved, and Spring Fancy - For the first time in hardcover, 3 magical novels from Spencer. These splendid stories of the human heart will sweep the readers into a world of old fashioned romance unforgettable characters and pure storytelling brilliance all at a thrilling price.

Lavyrle Spencer: 3 Complete Novels : Morning Glory/ Vows/The Gamble/3  in 1 Volume - Vows and The Gamble, both appearing for the first time in hardcover, joined with her first hardcover best-seller, Morning Glory for a collection of novels that fully explore the ways of the human heart.

Forgiving - Sarah moves to a rough and tumble western town to start a newspaper -- and find her missing sister.  After discovering her sister working in the local bordello, Sarah determines to make her paper a success, earning lawman Noah Campbell's grudging respect and love. But Sarah can't return his affections until she first learns to forgive.

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