Preserving Cookbooks

The Sausage Making Cookbook - Great book for sausage lovers with general history of sausage making and delicious recipes from around the globe. Covers the supplies what you need and instructions for the novice. Order Now

Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing - This is the most comprehensive book available on sausage making and meat curing and has sold over 500,000 copies world-wide. It is easily understood, contains a wide variety of recipes, and is very effective in helping solve common problems. It is written by a man who learned the art of sausage making and meat curing at a very early age, and who made a living smoking and curing meats. Order Now

Cold Smoking and Salt Curing Meat, Fish and Game - A great cookbook for the anyone who loves to smoke or cure foods. Explains salted, cured, and dry cured foods and how to make your own brined or corned meats and gives instructions how to smoke fish, meats, and build a smokehouse. Many excellent recipes for all types of meats, and fish. Order Now

Professional Charcuterie: Sausage Making, Curing, Terrines, and Pates - The complete, contemporary guide to preparing sausages, cured and smoked meats, pts and terrines, and cured and smoked fish of the highest quality. Centuries of skill and imagination have earned charcuterie a revered place in the world of gastronomy, and Professional Charcuterie honors that proud tradition. This working manual and treasury of recipes covers the selection and assembly of ingredients, the most effective use of equipment, and the indispensable basics of food safety. Order Now

Real Cooking

As Seen On Tv - Official Secret Restaurant Recipes You too can cook like a master chef... No training required! Uncover the cooking techniques used by world class chefs from famous restaurants. Stop waiting on those long lines at restaurants to pay for dishes you can quickly make in your own kitchen! Re-create your favorite restaurant dishes at home for a fraction of the cost by following these easy step-by-step instructions.

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So, don't delay, order now to start cooking these famous foods that taste so heavenly good!