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From blockbuster albums like Friends and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road in the 1970s to award-winning scores in the nineties for the film and Broadway show The Lion King and the current stage hit Aida, Elton John has never failed to dazzle his audiences-and never more so than at the funeral of his close friend Diana, Princess of Wales, when he moved an entire nation with his poignant and powerful performance of "Candle in the Wind 1997" ("Goodbye England's Rose"). 
Sir Elton: The Definitive Biography by Philip Norman
Epically conceived and masterfully told, Philip Norman's biography of the inimitable, legendary Elton John searches out the man behind the performer in glittering costumes and sky-high boots. Norman explores the draining addictions, the failed marriage, attempted suicides, a multimillionaire's supposed money troubles. He examines Elton's compulsions and coming out; he illuminates the creative drive that continues prodigiously and brilliantly to produce new music. What emerges is a frank, sympathetic portrait so truthful that Elton himself has said, "He's got me spot on." 
Elton John: The Life and Music of a Legendary Performer 
by Michael Heatley
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Good collection of photos. This book gives you breif overviews on what he has done, however it lacks real insight & detailed info on Elton.
Elton John Ballads 
- by Elton John
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21 of his favorites, including: Blue Eyes ¥ Candle in the Wind ¥ The Last Song ¥ The One ¥ Sacrifice ¥ Your Song ¥ and more. 
Elton John: The Fingerstyle Guitar Collection by Elton John
15 fingerstyle arrangements, including: Your Song * Daniel * Bennie And The Jets * Crocodile Rock *DonÕt Go Breaking My Heart *Candle In The Wind * and  more.
The Ultimate Elton John Collection
This deluxe collector's edition features two volumes containing more than 100 huge hits spanning his entire career. Volume 1 features songs beginning A - Le, Volume 2, Lo - Y. Includes: Bennie and the Jets ¥ Blue Eyes ¥ Border Song ¥ Candle in the Wind 1997 ¥ Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy ¥ Circle of Life ¥ Crocodile Rock ¥ Daniel ¥ DonÕt Go Breaking My Heart ¥ In Neon ¥ Little Jeannie ¥ Levon ¥ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ¥ Made in England ¥ Nikita ¥ Philadelphia Freedom ¥ Pinball Wizard ¥ Rocket Man ¥ Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word ¥ Tiny Dancer ¥ You Gotta Love Somebody ¥ Your Song ¥ many more! The contents page in both books also states the album on which each song first appeared, and the year.
Rocket Man - by Claude Bernardin, Tom Stanton
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[Elton John's] fans will welcome this slim volume as a definitive fact finding tool. Want to know about those funky frames the Elton wears on stage? The entry under 'Glasses' gives the entire history. 
Can't remember which album 'Philadephia Freedom' was on? Every song that Elton has recorded and information about it is included in the song section... highly recommended for public libraries... 
Elton John to Be Continued 
by Elton John, 
Michael Lefferts (Editor)
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The ultimate collection of 62 of Elton John's best songs spanning from 1965 to 1990. 
Songs include: Bennie and the Jets ¥ Candle in the Wind ¥ Crocodile Rock ¥ Daniel ¥ DonÕt Go Breaking My Heart ¥ Funeral For a Friend ¥ Goodbye Yellow Brick Road ¥ IÕm Still Standing ¥ Rocket Man (I Think ItÕs Gonna Be a Long Long Time) ¥ Sacrifice ¥ Your Song ¥ and many, many more! 264 pages. 
New Best of Elton John
17 of his best, including: Bennie And The Jets * Candle In The Wind * Don't Go Breaking My Heart * Goodbye Yellow Brick Road * Your Song * and more.
Elton John: Flower Fantasies: An Intimate Tour of His Houses and Garden - by Caroline Cass
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An extraordinary visual tour through Elton John's town and country homes, this book celebrates the pop superstar's passion for fresh flowers and striking floral arrangements. In 
the text that accompanies the 120 striking color photographs, Elton talks about his love of flowers, his taste in flower arrangements, and how he uses flowers both as a means of personal expression and as a key element in his home's decor. Full color.
The Elton John Scrapbook by Mary Anne Cassata, Jim Turano
An insightful look at the amazing career of Elton John. It has chapters on each decade of his career, includes photos, scraps of what other entertainers think of him, a list of rare and highly collectables and detailed album reviews. A must for any Elton John fan.
Elton John Anthology 
- by Elton John
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56 songs including: Bennie and the Jets ¥ The Bitch Is Back ¥ Candle in the Wind ¥ Crocodile Rock ¥ Daniel ¥ I Guess ThatÕs Why They Call It the Blues ¥ Rocket Man ¥ Tiny Dancer ¥ Your Song ¥ and more! 
Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida: The Making of the Broadway Musical by Michael Lassell, Michael Lassell, Tim Rice
This colorful book contains all the excitement of the lavish production, detailing all the action on the stage and behind the curtain. You'll find spectacular costume sketches, fabric samples, and set designs, as well as interviews with the actors, directors, producers, and composers. Best of all are brilliantly photographed scenes that convey the full breadth of the show's beauty and drama and offer readers the next-best thing to a front-row seat.
Elton John Classic Hits: A Step-By-Step Breakdown of Elton John's Keyboard Styles & Techniques by Todd Lowry
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