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Caving Info
World Cave Database - Database of long and deep caves from all around the world. It comes currently in 3 versions: sorted by depth (deeper than 300m), by length (longer than 3kms), and by country. 
Cave Rescue - The European cave rescue network.
The Cave Page - Info, links, articles, pictures, expedition reports and other related info.
American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA) - A national, non-profit association dedicated to the protection of caves, karstlands and groundwater. The ACCA operates the American Cave Museum and Karst Center, an educational center that includes the American Cave Museum and Hidden River Cave.
Caving Canada - The Canadian Cave and Karst Information Server
Canadian Underworld Tours and Adventures - Cave and karst interpretive tours in the wilds of Vancouver Island.
Toronto Caving Group - Everyone with an interest in caves fits somewhere in the TCG.
Canadian Underworld Tours and Adventures
Caving.UK - The Complete Site for Cavers and Caving
Caves and Caving in the UK
Tarquin's Collective Caving Sites
US National Parks With Caves
The UIS International Speleo Calendar
Caves Page - The aim of this page is to create an interest in Caving in a safe and responsible manner.
Speleo Link Page
The Caving Links Page
National Speleological Society - The National Speleological Society is a not for profit organization dedicated to the study, conservation, exploration and knowledge of caves.
International Union of Speleology - The international body for caving and speleology.
American Caving Accidents
The Cave Research Foundation
The Australian Speleological Federation
The Western Australian Speleological Group (WASG)
Glacier Caves - International Glaciospeleological Survey
Caving - Making Friends In Low Places
TAG Caving Resources - This website contains information about Tennessee Alabama Georgia (TAG) caving including stories, history, images, maps, satire, and descriptions.
Oakland Museum of California's California Underground
Cave Self Rescue
Australian Speleological Federation (ASF)
Croatian Speleological Server - The perfect place to start if you are interested in speleology and caving in Croatia.
Caving in Jamaica - This site is made because there is not so much information on the web about this Tropical Caver's Paradise. Indeed there are a lot of reasons to go caving in Jamaica. 
Jamaican Caves and Sinkholes
Caves & Caving in Namibia
Section INRIA de Spéléologie - S.I.S. is the caving group at INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis, near Nice, in France.
The Virginia Speleological Survey
The Dayton Underground Grotto
Ozark Caving
Todd Leonhardt's Caving Page
Caving Info - Learn more about caves and caving.
Karst in British Columbia - From Government of BC
Caving in Belgium
Slovakia: Cave Server - Presents an information about caves and cavers in Slovakia in the Central Europe. It's placed in Kosice, Slovakia. 
Croatian Speleological Server
The deepest pits in Croatia
Romanian Speleology Home Page
Speleological Abstract
Buckethead's Cyber Grotto of Caving Clipart
Anchialine Caves and Cave Animals 
Caves: Exploring Hidden Realms by Michael Ray Taylor (Author), Ronal C. Kerbo
Following an international team of fellow cavers--men and women in peak physical form and apparently without fear--his narrative takes us deep within the ice caves of Greenland; a vast underground labyrinth of rivers and chambers in Mexico's Yucatan; a cave on a cliff wall overlooking the Colorado River near the Grand Canyon, one that no human had ever before entered; and other great caverns of North America. High quality (and sometimes astounding) full-color images accompany the text, offering views that usher us into a world of blind snakes, bats, strange geological formations, and uncanny sights that few surface dwellers have been privileged to see.
Beyond the Deep: The Deadly Descent Into the World's Most Treacherous Cave by William Stone, Barbara Am Ende, Monte Paulsen (Contributor) 
Led by author Stone, the spelunkers sought the furthest reaches of a cave system, the Sistema Huautla, which plunged a kilometer and a half down and stretched out for tens of kilometers. To go the deepest, the coveted "booty" in the caving community, Stone developed a special "rebreathing" apparatus for swimming through submerged passages called sumps. As the saga unfolds (dramatically assisted by admittedly reconstructed dialogue), the riskiness of the enterprise becomes apparent as the cavers survive various snafus, which rattle some group members who come to resent Stone's hard-charging style.
Beyond Mammoth Cave: A Tale of Obsession in the World's Longest Cave by James D. Borden, Roger W. Brucker 

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