Pancakes or Griddle Cakes & Related

A pancakes are thin, flat cakes (quick breads) prepared from a batter and cooked on a hot griddle or frying pan. Some pancakes are prepared from yeast-raised or fermented batter. Most pancakes are cooked one side on a griddle and flipped partway through to cook the other side. Depending on the region, pancakes may be served at any time, with a variety of toppings or fillings from jam, fruit, syrup or meat.

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Did You Know?
Mexican hotcakes, are similar to US pancakes.

Hotcakes are often made with cornmeal — as well as, or instead of wheat flour.

Hotcakes are popular breakfast items at restaurants throughout the country, and are often sold by street vendors in cities and during the local celebrations of towns through the day and evening; the vendors sell a single hotcake topped with different sauces such as condensed milk, fruit jam or a sweet goat milk spread called "cajeta."