Cuts of Pork

Cuts of Pork: 1. Head. 2. Shoulder. 3. Back. 4. Middle cut. 5. Belly. 6. Ham. 7. Ribs. 8. Loin.

Some Pork Facts & Health Tips:
  • Try to avoid the fattiest pork like: regular ground pork, spareribs, country style ribs and shoulder blade steak.
  • Lean pork tenderloins and boneless top loin chops are as low fat as chicken breast.
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Did You Know?
The proper association of different foods always keeps healthy people in better condition; there are times, however, when it may be necessary to abstain from certain articles of diet.

A carbonaceous diet taxes the excretory organs less than animal food.

It may be well to bear in mind, that the protein compounds can do the work of the carbohydrates and fats in being consumed for fuel, but the carbohydrates and fats cannot do the work of protein in building and repairing the tissues of the body.

An exclusively vegetable diet, low in proteins and nitrogenous compounds, while it may maintain a condition of health for a time, eventually results in a loss of strength and power to resist disease. Therefore it is necessary to understand the approximate value of each class of food in arranging the daily dietary.

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